Driven Goals

Visit Kinnitty

CDG Brand designed a new brand (Visit Kinnitty) and 2 sub brands (Giltraps Bar/Venue) and (Giltraps Accommodation). The brand iconography is derived from the classic gargoyle face that hangs upon the outside of giltraps pub and each logo has a slightly different take on it for each individual brand.

Talbot Hotel

CDG have worked with Rehab on a range of brand and digital projects which consisted of brand positioning, marketing literature, and corporate annual reports. We used bright colours and macro photography to draw attention to the brand and showcase their brand essence and support their purpose.

The Fitzwilliam Hotel

The Fitzwilliam is a 5-star hotel in Dublin city centre and now in Belfast too. The hotel directors engaged CDG to produce a 5 Star brochure that would set them apart from the competition. To discover another one of our works, the Morgan, click here. About The Client The Fitzwilliam 5 Star Dublin Hotel, Dublin’s most […]

Grandes Alpes

Gallagher Kitchens is a family run business created more than 25 years ago. The company provides high quality kitchens and wardrobes to its customers as well as a personalised service. CDG were asked to design a new corporate brand identity and digital marketing platform for Gallagher’s. CDG also created a new RWD website using a […]

Carton House

Carton House is a prestige brand that needs respect in representation. CDG were asked to take the brand and innovate to create a new business dimension in using the brand to support the real estate potential. CDG embraced the challenge and created Carton Demesne. You can also discover our work with Grandes Alpes here.


Breifne is a region in Ireland which is unique and dates back 100’s of years. As each piece of Ireland competes for their share of tourists the border areas of Ireland needed to identify a niche to capitalise on. Through a cross-border initiative Cavan, Monaghan, Tyrone, Leitrim and Sligo came together with a budget of 2.5 million to help […]