Driven Goals


CDG – Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability

We believe diversity represents a key to driving great innovation.

We believe that having the widest spectrum of identities, cultures, ideas, beliefs, and abilities in our team is key to unlocking human potential, fostering more inclusive teams, developing innovative solutions, being effective business partners to our customers, and being better stewards of our communities. We respect and promote inclusion & diversity across gender, race, age, religion & identity. Our leadership is committed to keep taking deliberate steps to ensure that these principles rule every relationship in the workplace. We have zero tolerance for any violations of ethical standards, and we demand total respect, not only for laws & regulations and company policies but for the dignity of every individual.

We operate to ensure sustainability, in both our and our customers’ environments. We are proud that sustainability is a shared mindset by all our employees who are acting as ambassadors in the wider IT community.

We strive to adopt any processes and practices that can reduce the carbon footprint and avoid any unnecessary source of waste, including materials, energy, food, and any other resources. We encourage employees to adopt recycling actions at the workplace and suggest new ways to improve our sustainability practices.

CDG technologies and services help our customers in pursuing their own sustainability goals, by enabling them to effectively optimise their IT applications, reducing infrastructure/cloud resource waste, and improving the overall operational efficiency.


Inclusivity and Accessibility

CDG commits to:

  1. The appointment of a Diversity Lead who will champion diversity and inclusion in all our activities.
  2. Taking steps to ensure consideration is given to accessibility in all our materials.
  3. Acknowledge and dismantle any inequities within our policies, systems, programs, and events.
  4. Advocate, highlight and where practical support all forms of diversity and inclusion in our projects.
  5. Commit to more diverse leadership within our board, staff, committees, groups, and advisory bodies.
  6. Oppose and avoid all forms of unlawful discrimination.
  7. Use our company to lead with respect and understanding.
  8. Strive to provide a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace.