Driven Goals

Breifne is a region in Ireland which is unique and dates back 100’s of years. As each piece of Ireland competes for their share of tourists the border areas of Ireland needed to identify a niche to capitalise on. Through a cross-border initiative Cavan, Monaghan, Tyrone, Leitrim and Sligo came together with a budget of 2.5 million to help promote to tourists this hidden land. CDG provided a varied range of services to Breifne to create an online and offline experience for their potential tourists.

About The Client

The bréifne initiative aimed to stimulate cultural and heritage tourism development in the mountainous area of west cavan, north leitrim, south fermanagh, north sligo and north roscommon.

Breifne was a cross-border initiative supported by cavan, leitrim, roscommon and sligo county councils, fermanagh district council, the geological survey of Ireland, the geological survey of northern Ireland, the academy of Irish cultural heritages at the university of ulster and cavan enterprise board.
A team of 13 professionals including a natural scientist, an archeologist, geologists, gis experts and cultural, heritage & folklore researchers studied and profiled bréifne to develop and market the region. the project was managed at cavan innovation and technology centre on the outskirts of cavan town.
Through a process of communication and collaboration with stakeholders, local initiatives and interested parties in the Bréifne region, the team developed several exciting promotional and marketing tools for the area. These outputs included a cutting edge DVD documentary, a heritage book, a comprehensive guide to the region, a best-in-practice website with online accommodation and service booking for the entire region and a fleet of road signage and information boards. Exhibition center including photography of the area.

The Challenge

Bréifne is a region within Ireland that has not yet being fully exposed to the possible tourism catchment that it truly deserves. It would be considered by most Irish as a hidden unworthy area of Ireland that is mostly stumbled upon by tourists and traders rather than being profiled like other major tourist attractions like Connemara, The Burren, Dublin Night Life to name a few. It was CDG’s job to create an experience offline and online for the potential tourist to Bréifne to become more aware of its cultural, historic and tourism delights. Rather than compete with high touristic attraction areas in Ireland we tried to differentiate Bréifne from the traditional style by creating an ambience and feel to the marketing that sets it apart from the others. We advocated towards a distinct difference rather than a comparison to others. This way Bréifne will have a unique appeal and flavour.

The Solution

CDG developed a unique tourism proposal that there is something for everyone in Breifne but in an untamed and untraditional way. We excited the viewer by using unusual pictures which might have a tinge of non conformist or “wow that looks different” so that the potential customer was excited to see what will be on the next page. The use of imaginative photographs, lyrics, unusual Flora/Fauna, poetry, picture-scapes anything but the traditional aspects of a typical tourism approach was used to differentiate Breifne. Completed subtly it set out to do just what Tourism Ireland does or any other tourism advertisement and that is “SELL”.

Services Provided

  • Brand Development
  • Website
  • All promotional brochures
  • Tourism Handbook / Guidebook
  • Website Portal
  • Road Signage
  • Visitor Center Exhibition
  • Unique GSI Online Mapping Resource
  • DVD
  • RTE Documentary
  • Photography