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April 22, 2014
Branding Essentials

Many believe that brand design is an unnecessary expense, in that they feel it is a non revenue generating activity. This could not be further from the truth, allow me to explain why;

Brand design is not just focusing on your company logo, it is essentially what distinguishes you from competitors on an emotional level. Branding allows consumers connect with your product/service based purely on their own personal opinion. For example if your brand theme and colours are inconsistent through your social media channels, this will give your target the perception that you are unfocused, flaky or even untrustworthy.

Ideally, the business owner should make a decision on whether he/she needs to brand or not, before setting up the business. There are some cases where companies are not positioned or targeting a wide area of the public, and perhaps there is no need in creating a brand. But, in my personal opinion, every business needs a brand; even professionals concentrate on their own personal brand, for example they build their online presence as a thought leader or industry expert.

There is a popular phrase I feel expresses this point ‘The main thing about any communication is the response you recieve.’ The main focus for designing a brand is to ask yourself; what people would get from it, which response, experience, or emotions? While concentrating on our client needs, we must always consider our target audience.
It is irrelevant whether you are working in a B2B or B2C market – correct and proper brand representation is one of the most important roads to success.

Now let us consider the image below,


Which one would you choose? Both are equal in size, texture, materials. Unbenounced to consumers, they are heavily influenced by colours and shapes.
The infamous green and black Starbucks logo completely transforms a standard enough cup of coffee. Smart branding creates an identity that consumers can relate to. These customers connect more with the image, rather than an emotional relationship with the brand. In that the customers suddenly transform into eco-friendly tree hugging hippies, people who care for the environment, who want to show everyone their commitment to sustainability or in reducing their carbon footprint. Most importantly, for their customers – this simple cup gives them a feeling/image – somewhat luxurious and of premium quality.

We value your opinion and are ready to rock and roll to make your business successful by developing a strong presentable brand, which would engage with your target, connect with them, and in time – turn them into loyal return customers.

Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.

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