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October 3, 2015
To be or not to be in social media: that is the question!


There is a continuing debate over the activities of companies and their brands in social media. Most of the researchers believe that social media presents an opportunity for brands to further build their relationship with customers. Social networks and other online platforms influence the consumer-brand relationship. Brands who seek visibility over social networks, try to create and engage consumers through their online presence.

A growing number of people around the world are spending great amount of their time on the internet, connecting with one an other or searching for information. It’s irrefutable that social media play a significant role in people’s daily lives. Social networking sites (e.g Facebook), micro blogging sites (e.g Twitter ), and video sharing sites (e.g YouTube) are only few of the online platforms that people use everyday. This extensive use of social media has made an impact on the way marketers design their marketing activities, predominately in the promotion and distribution of their products. Social media is a perfect setting for building brand communities. Brand communities are basically a place (physical or virtual ) for people, who respect and admire a certain brand, to socialize in the context provided by that brand. Companies and firms have more reasons and motivations to facilitate brand communities. Brand communities accomplish many essential tasks on behalf of the brand.
For instance, brand community members can play the role of the support service department of their companies, fundamentally by helping each other and repairing each others problems with the brand. They can also be brand’s advocates in defending the brand. There is no doubt that companies that extensively utilize the capabilities of social media to connect with their customers, surpass other companies. Social media has radically changed habits and personality of internet users. For instance, a couple years ago most users of online forums and chat rooms were introverts but today the reality is different; users no longer use pseudonyms when using the internet but use their real identities. Managing brand reputation on social media is becoming more and more important everyday.

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