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June 27, 2014
Brand Whisperer #2

What do you think about when you hear ‘Just Do It’? It became such a popular phrase after Nike used it in their ads. Do you know where it came from? The famous Nike slogan came from a rather unlikely source; spree killer Gary Gilmore, who received the death penalty for murdering two people in Utah in July, 1976. Just before a firing squad did their duty, Gilmore was asked if he had any last words. He replied with ‘Let’s Do It’. When Dan Wieden of Wieden & Kennedy was commissioned to create a tagline for Nike a decade later, something about Gilmore’s words just seemed to fit. Resulting in ‘Let’s’ being changed to ‘Just’. This was done to add a dash of emphasis.


The company does great promotional ads and never misses a thing on the web: they communicate with their customers through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. They also produce brilliant apps for your mobile device. That is one of the most important parts in building trust in their customers. Recently on one of their blogs I have come across aphrase ‘Nike People’ and ‘Be Nike’, and you know who writes it? Their grateful client, not one of the workers.

So what is so special about Nike? Simplicity, desire to change your life, wish to make your training sessions and everyday life better. They say ‘IF YOU HAVE A BODY, YOU ARE AN ATHLETE’, does’nt it make you think? People prefer Nike to other competitors, because when you wear it you show people around that you are very cool, spirited and dedicated to health  and fitness.

Their secret is to make people believe in what they want to believe. And each advert demonstrates that no matter who you are, it is easy to achieve results, enforcing the idea that there is absolutely nothing impossible in this world – once you are focused and determined. Every Nike video is inspiring and even surprising, motivating and cheering up. After watching their adverts, the first thing you want to do is to get up and go, start your life over, train harder, be happier and become healthier.

How Important Is Branding For Business?
Nike’s story started a long time ago in the 60’s, when sports/training footwear produced in America were rubbish and not everyone could afford expensive German shoes. Then Phil Knight and his sports coach Bill Bowerman decided to produce those shoes of a good quality in Asia and sell them in the USA. Their logo was drawn by a student for 35$. Who could even guess that the Swoosh would now be recognized all over the world? Their Brand strategy, the way they communicate with their clients through the Internet, innovative products, new offers and the way they coach their stuff, positioned them to be one of the most trusted companies in the world. And as time goes by, they will never be forgotten – as the marketing strategy they chose was extremely suitable for their market.

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Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.

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