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May 15, 2014
Increasing Audience Engagement With Your Brand

Social Media Networks offer different marketing advantages, such as Pinterest and Facebook appear to yield more sales than those coming from Twitter and Google+. LinkedIn lead generation is most effective for B2B because it generates the highest visitor to lead conversation rate compared to Twitter and Facebook. In 2014 we are spending enormous amount of time using social media (sharing tweets, commenting on Facebook posts). We lose ourselves in our ever updating feeds, those of us who like to measure the hours and minutes on social networks each day are shocked to find out how much time spent each day.
With all this in mind what is the answer to engaging your customers with your brand, well in my opinion Video marketing is fast becoming the most effective way. We see that the companies who are using video marketing are getting more engaged with their customers. So if you are looking to drive a more engaged audience to your brand, YouTube is the way to go.

To determine which social media network, drives the most engaged referrals. Shareaholic examined eight different networks over six months and reported on three metrics for each:

  • Average time on site.
  • Average pages per visit.
  • Average Bounce rate.

YouTube won on all counts, averaging three pages per visit with about four minutes spent on site. Site visitors for YouTube also the lowest bounce rate, at 43% (Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page). The chart below illustrates how the remaining seven networks ranked, with Google+ and LinkedIn coming in 2nd and 3rd for most engaged clicks, respectively.

Have a look at the social network engagement chart below;


Courtesy Of Shareaholic

Danny Wong breaks down what the numbers mean for each network in Shareaholic findings. YouTube is the undisputed champion as it drives the most engaged, traffic, therefore video watchers are especially receptive because video is so engaging, another reason YouTube works is because viewers are used to spending minutes or even hours, educational and entertaining themselves, they have few qualms about the extra time to discover great content.

Although Google+ and LinkedIn drive the fewest referrals they bring in some of the best visitors. Google+ users on average spend more than 3 minutes, diving into things shared by their connections in their circles. LinkedIn users spend over 2 minutes on each link they click, many sites may see minimal traffic from both the Google + and LinkedIn, but presently, it could be the best time to invest in building communities within those networks if engagement really matters to your business.

Twitter and Facebook
Both types of visitors bounce the same 56% of the time, Facebook users tend to spend more time on a site, post link than twitter users.
Does not fare as well as Twitter and Facebook. They spend considerably less time on site than almost all of its counterparts, with the exception of StumbleUpon.
Redditors are the most likely to abandon sites on average 70% bounce, for marketers Reddit is a tough nut to crack. Its loyal users are increasingly selective about the content that gets upvoted and are eager to downvote things they disagree with. Reddit effectively hates marketing, but there are brands and businesses that get it right on Reddit.
Drives the least engaged referrals using stumble on to the next thing rather than immersed themselves in the webpage StumbleUpon recommends. Of course, not every recommendation StumbleUpon serves will be accurate.

Today it is well worth getting into Video Marketing, social media produces individual marketing outcomes. A robust marketing strategy targets networks based on the marketing goal and the network’s strengths and types of engagement.

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Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.

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