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July 15, 2014
Tips On Increasing Logo Visibility

One of the most important aspects for your brand visibility and in building a brand is a visual side that is appealing to your customers – your logo and the signs. Every brand starts with a logo, developing and growing it over time. No matter how recognizable your logo is, it might very well look old-fashioned in comparison to your competitors’. How do your potential customers make a choice of which company to trust? If it is not you, why? How could you drive more business by making slight changes on the appearance of your Brand?

‘The survey showed 64 percent of Millennial small business owners (age 18-34) place significant value on creativity in graphics and signage, a contrast to their Baby Boomer counterparts (age 55 and over), who place higher emphasis on simplistic designs. In fact, they are more likely to use signs (45 percent) than more traditional marketing elements like direct mail (34%) or brochures (39%). Millennials are more likely to believe contemporary, modern designs drive customers to their business (47 percent), compared to 29 percent of Gen X (age 35-54) and 17 percent of Baby Boomer small business owners’. (Fedex Office)

Which audience is your business devoted to and how to drive more sales? I know many business owners who ask this question every day and today I am ready to give you an advice and a few hints. Let us start with the basics and keep it simple. Considering most of your customers most likely look for your company on the internet, what do they first pay attention to?

  1. Where Your Website Is Placed In Google Search
    It definitely is very important to keep up-to-date with search engine optimization and do your best to keep your website high in searches according to the area you specialize at and the relevant keywords (See our recommendations on SEO here).
  2. The Layout Of Your Website, Colours, Appearance, And Navigation
    I would definitely prefer a company with a nice welcoming website, where I can easily access all the information I am looking for. It should be simple, intuitive, and responsive, as me and millions of other people browse information via mobile phones or tablets.
  3. Most Important – Your Logo
    It should be very high on the agenda for every business person in the world. We have previously spoke about sign designs here. It is the most important component of building trust in between your customer and your company. It has been proven that you make your mind up about what you see in first few seconds. You either like it or you don’t. I sometimes pass by some stores and think to myself; ‘Oh my, I wouldn’t like to buy anything in there! If an owner does not care about my feelings (how I feel looking at this shop), why would I be bothered to please him spending money there? I am sure, I am not the only one’. I would go with a company who has a great logo that is pleasant to look at accompanied with a nice website. It shows the level of care for customers.

Below, I will outline some tips for creating a winning logo;
Any professional designer would agree with this statement. Think about such powerful brands as McDonalds, EBay, Samsung, Coca-Cola. ‘Studies have shown that 80 percent of the recognition of a trademark is due to its color’.
You may struggle with choosing one, and if so, think about what your target audience would like to look at. Bright colours which are a strain on the eyes are a definite negative.
Only recently I have passed by a house ‘to let’ and could not even read the name of the company who actually manages the property. How am I supposed to contact them if neither the phone number nor the company name are visible? Do I have to park the car and spend some time trying to figure out what is actually written on the sign? Why would I do that if there are plenty of other properties available to let and I can read the name of the company easily whilst driving and contact them immediately using google voice on my phone?
Although you must be careful about the contrast as very bright text on a bright background, or using two similar colours will tremendously decrease visibility/legibility.
You can use borders or shadows; Whatever it takes, but make sure it is clearly, VISIBLE.
It is very simple: print out your sign/logo or simply open it on your desktop and step back. Imagine you do not know what the sign says and try to read it. Can you? Make a few more steps back and try again. It should be visible and attractive. Will it do the job? Are the letters too swooshed? Would your target audience notice it? Yes? Then you’ve done it right!

Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.
At CDG, our knowledge is vast and we are more than happy to assist our customers in developing. See our portfolio or contact us if you have any queries.

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