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March 7, 2014
Developing Your Brand Personality

Are You Maximizing Your Brand Image?
By using offline creative marketing, and matching your web site can help your customer make a buying decision. Your web site is just a portal to connect with your customers. Now is your opportunity to drive the investment you made and get a return on your web site.
Many years ago when I launched a new product in Ireland I traveled many thousands of miles to speak with businesses, about the benefits of using this product. Face-to-face meetings do work, because we can show images and let the customer touch and feel the product.
Can We Capture A Warm, Friendly, Accommodating Approach Online?
Today it is not always possible to meet with your clients, using the internet has proven to be a successful avenue in communicating with your clients. Without using a sales team, the biggest challenge we have launching a new service or product on the internet is attracting attention and getting noticed.
Our client or customer does a lot of research on line for a product or service but a good percentage of them prefer to visit the business to make a purchase, So by using offline creative marketing matching your web site can help your customer make a buying decision.
Using Branding To Gain Customers Trust
Marketing people have come up with some great and ingenious ways of creating new ideas to engage with their audience, making their customers day by resolving an issue, they have no fear in using social media to bring awareness to their company brand on social media. It is about a personality of your brand.
We have an opportunity to educate excite and motivate our potential customers, tell them, who you are, involve the business in the local community by providing a conversational relationship on your web site and social media.
Good branding is getting good ideas into your marketing so you can engage with your customers; you will be surprised on how quickly they will recognize your brand.

Also have a look at responsive web design try out your web site on all devices, make the necessary adjustments so that you are visible on all platforms.

Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.

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