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April 28, 2014
Going That Extra Mile In B2B

Does your ‘To Do List’ look at ways to delight your B2B customers every day?
May I suggest that in your Brand Design Process you add one more job to your To Do list. It takes very little time and can be very rewarding. It is simply this;
Find something you can do each day which will delight one of your customers
1. Think of a way of doing something that is not a normal part of the service they receive from you
2. Try delighting a different customer each day
3. Give them more than they expect

We all work hard to look after our clients every day, but this is not what I mean; Your customer expects a good service every day and rightly so. What I am referring to here, is going beyond what is expected in a small but meaningful way. For Example:
1. Send them a hand written note to thank them for their custom
2. Recommend their business to your contacts
3. Link them to your website
4. Tell them if you have discovered a business course or a book, that they would find useful
5. Send them a small gift
6. Meet up with them when you are next in their area

You get the idea here, it is not about spending lots of time or money, it’s the thought behind what you do that counts. Select a different customer every week, all of your clients love to feel special; the nature of human relationships is that we bond better with some people more than others. We need to go beyond that in business, It is about building great working relationships with all of our clients, not just a select few who we get on well with.

I bet you are wondering if the time spent on this pays off? We each have a built in need to feel recognized and appreciated it dramatically improves how we feel about the people who do this. Yes in commercial terms it does pay off and the time spent is justified. Clearly, the stronger your customer relationships are, the better. Although the concept needs a little more substance. As business owners, we work hard and invest long hours every week, so it makes sense to improve our working environment and make business as much fun as possible. A great way to achieve this to provide excellent service with an ongoing commitment to pleasing your customers.

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Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.

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