Toptip Gaming APP

About TopTip TopTip is an interactive game which appeals to the competitive instinct of people who are interested in mainstream sports and current affairs. The game tests the user knowledge about sporting tournaments, public events or competitions and enables the user to play with other players of the game. The game can also be played […]


Microsoft is a household brand name in the IT industry. CDG, have worked with Microsoft Ireland since it launched Windows 2000. Through this work, we can show how we accommodate large corporations complying with their brand guidelines and marketing requirements. About The Client Microsoft first opened its doors in Ireland in 1985 with a small manufacturing facility […]


CDG was tasked with re-branding the company Intellicom. The challenge of the branding was to promote Intellicom as a modern, versatile and technology company. This project was made up of a brand identity, new responsive website design and promotional print collateral.


GOA are an online gaming company supporting their parent company France Telecom. GOA opened an office in Dublin with staff of 50 plus. As the gaming industry grows the protocol was to engage with design and web agencies to help produce digital marketing for their games online. About The Client GOA is the videogames department of France […]

ATD Emolda

ATD is a medical print supplier to the pharmaceutical industries worldwide. With precision being paramount we needed to create a brand that would depict accuracy and colour. With a wide open brief to work with CDG managed to design more than three options that the client was happy to choose from as all had their merits. […]


CDG was tasked with re-branding the company Airsynergy. The challenge of the branding was it had to reflect the clean appeal to a wind turbine and avoid the bad stigma that wind energy had acquired over the years. This project was made up of a brand identity, new responsive website and promotional print collateral.