Driven Goals

Brand building

Chapter 1: What is your brand? Small to medium sized businesses live and die based on the value of their brands. Brand is your biggest asset and what the marketplace thinks of you can either be an invaluable asset, or a huge liability. That being said, most companies don’t have a strong grasp of what […]

How to write a good design brief?

Once you have found the perfect agency for you and you agreed with them to build your project, you need to start thinking about your design brief. The design brief is the first step you will go through with your designer or design agency to help you define your project and to give them the […]

How to choose a logo designer?

Your logo or visual identity is the lifeblood of your business. It needs to represent your offering accurately, and tell the world about you at a glance. Having a poor or outdated logo can be detrimental to the success of your business as a whole. Updating your visual identity may be an option, but you […]

EirSpiders 2016

CDG are delighted to learn that 2 of our projects for our clients got nominations for Eir Spider Awards 2016. In the business to business category “Enbio”, a surface material company, gets shortlisted alongside Glanbia, while “Monaghan Institute” gets shortlisted in the Elearning & Education sector alongside the Marketing Institute of Ireland. We have fingers […]

Digital Branding Best Practises in Ireland

Almost everyone knows what I mean when I say digital branding. If I were to ask, what is your favourite brand of soda? Chances are, I would get one of two answers. It is very clear that branding works and it has a huge impact on the long-term success of a business. Unfortunately, many small […]


Where to start when building your Brand Awareness? What would be more beneficial to your business: SEO or PPC? What is the difference between them? And, finally, what will give you the highest ROI? Keep reading! This article will answer all your questions! You have your business running and everything seems to be pretty good, however, at some […]