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February 13, 2016
A is for Approach

“A” is for Approach

Whichever strategy you choose for your Brand, you might still forget about few fundamental things. I saw a lot of small businesses that wanted to grow big and fast making one simple but crucial mistake: building a Brand they forgot about their employees. That’s right! Employees. Statistic shows that all successful companies in the world spend millions on building their Brands inside their companies.

What does it mean?

It means that those businesses who will never get a chance to see see a light at the end of the tunnel, never asked their employees whether they cared enough for the Brand (not for their salaries, of course). And if they didn’t, what that company could do for each individual worker to make him change his mind.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of Big Brands treating their employees:

IBM announced the launch of a service which will allow moms travelling on business to send expressed breast milk to their babies, as well as 6 weeks paternity leave for working dads. How amazing is that? IBM workers feel appreciated having those options and will definitely be driven to work away for the company.

Ebay offers great health and wellness programs for the employees as well as dry cleaning pick up and delivery, which definitely makes peoples’ lives easier. This Brand knows that the workers have life outside the office and appreciates this, trying to free up some more time for their friends and families.

Employees at Zappos get a chance to go for a nap in a special Nap room, take advantage of free smoking cessation classes, get annual adoption and infertility benefits, go for picnics and so much more! It sounds very nice when you think of it!

I guess, what we want to say here is that any Brand has to treat their employees just like they want to treat their customers. This will not only become one of the strongest PR campaigns (word-of-mouth marketing), but will drive workers and make every single one of them feel important, which ends up in a serious devotion to your company. When people feel you are interested in them personally, they would answer with the same feelings.

Your Approach to your workers is essential, and doesn’t allow making mistakes. Every action you take should be well thought through.

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