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June 23, 2014
Brand Profile – Creating A Buzz

Every single human is unique and different, they all have individual styles, tastes, and preferences. So how can we stand out from the crowd, differentiate ourselves from competitors, and create a buzz/identity of our brand? Enthusiasm and Pessimism!!!

When people like something they are enthusiastic about it and tend to trust it more. They engage with it and build a positive emotional connection. If people have a negative experience with a brand, they become quite skeptical and are hesitant to trust this company again. Customers will become pessimistic regarding the product or service and will take a mental note of their experience.
Likewise if we walk out the door each day with a enthusiastic approach, or what I call a ‘can do’ approach. We get more return from the people we meet, they believe in us more and they trust us more sub consciously. They build a picture inside there head about us. This is the same way brands are built, whether it is our own personal brand, a company brand or a product/service brand.

So What Can We Learn?
When we are enthusiastic we generate a rapport around us and we create the following good points that will help build our brand profile.

We capture people’s interest about us, the brand, the service.
We create confidence, which makes people feel comfortable recommending us, the brand or the service.
We inspire people to talk about us, the brand or service more positively.
We motivate people to engage and learn more about us, the brand, the service.

We can use this experience or learning to help us with Web Content (write with enthusiasm ) Design (throw away the usual safe ideas and be more adventurous ) Brand Awareness (create a colourful bright image in peoples minds, of what they will receive, and the experience of using the product/service).

When we are pessimistic we have the following effects
It causes people to feel pessimistic about us or the product or service.
We destroy confidence in our brand.
We repel like minded motivated, people from us.
We attract pessimistic people which kill our soul or the soul of the brand.

So next time you step outside the door after a June Bank Holiday weekend, decide whether you want to be ‘Enthusiastic or Pessimistic’. It takes the same effort to do both yet enthusiasm does a lot more for you, your brand, and your business. Likewise when you are starting any design project pick the person with the enthusiasm as he/she will deliver more inspiring ideas and you will get a branded product or service that will shine more than your competitors.
So set yourself a reminder on your phone each bank holiday Tuesday morning as you walk out the door – ‘Be Enthusiastic Today’ (it will help you more than you think)!!!

Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.

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