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June 16, 2014
Using Video Marketing To Build Your Brand

Video Marketing is becoming more and more popular among different businesses and internet users. Before you play another YouTube video most likely you will see some colourful ads, which will attract your attention and make you watch until the end. Top 100 companies have started working on it a few years ago, and now it is time for you to think about one.

Reasons To Use Video When Branding
 Over 100,000,000 internet users watch videos daily.
2. ComScore statistics show that over 90% of buyers on the web choose the products with a video description
and/or choose the products with reviews from users.
3. The Online Publishers Association statistics show that over 26% of internet users are looking for more
information about the products seen in videos.
4. Publishing videos on your website increases the time your potential customer spends on the site.
5. Over 15% would go to the company website that was featured in a video, even if it is just out of curiosity.
6. YouTube became 3rd most visited website in the world.
7. New search processes take place: Problem, search, result with video, marketplace.

Where Can I Use The Video?
Your Website
Main page, product page, about us page. You could use video anywhere. It increases conversion rate up to 30% and besides a customer most likely will choose your company, not your competitors, who has not even considered video marketing yet. Using good Brand Design within your video will help capture your audiences. The content and brand design culture is very important to help promote yourself and build brand strategy continuously.
Video Hosting
There are numerous websites you could use, but let us focus on the most well known one – YouTube. This platform has all the tools needed for your video to be seen, published and ranked. You can feature your logo on your channel, so it is easily identifiable by users/customers. There is also an opportunity to promote your video by using certain keywords, tags and titles. It all makes YouTube a perfect instrument for increasing volumes of traffic to your website.
Gmail has provided us with the option of inserting videos into emails long ago. Other email service providers are only moving towards this now. Although you can still attach a screenshot to the letter, leave the link to your video, and write ‘video’ in the subject. In over 80% cases, emails of this type would be opened by recipients.
You could use videos at exhibitions, why not supply people with memory sticks featuring the videos, instead of printed materials? Video as the perfect marketing instrument, which engages better than anything else. Check it out yourself. Visit your potential customer, entertain him a little, have a chat, open your laptop and let him enjoy the video about your product.

Types Of Videos
Video Business Cards
Vlogs (video blogs)

The Future of Video Marketing
We believe that video marketing is the way forward. It definitely improves your brand awareness and reach (your video may go viral). It is still a very new concept, and helps businesses distinguish themselves by showing they are unique. Only recently we have produced some great videos for our customers, check out our portfolio here.

Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.

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