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June 24, 2014
Top 5 SMM Platforms

Every single business in the world already has or is already thinking about creating a website. Great website which would have a simple but pleasant eye-catching design, looking smart with an easy navigation. If you are already at this stage, it is time to start thinking about something else, not less important: Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Let us make it clear; Social Media Marketing is an innovative instrument for promoting your business, for communicating directly with your customer, used for announcing new products and services, generating leads and so much more. Personally, I find the concept easy, but it takes time to perfect the strategy and process. I believe it should work to compliment every aspect of your brand development. Buy Tadalafil online

Here, we will outline what platforms you could use to engage with users (passively). tell you where you have to register and keep posting or sharing news.

I have said so much about video production already! Check out our blog post here, which outlines why making a 30 second video about your company and services you provide would attract a lot of customers. Click the video below, and subscribe to our CDG YouTube channel.

How can Facebook help your business? Firstly, it is a great platform for lead generation, in finding more clients or even employees. It literally drives traffic to your existing website and improves your ranking on Google. Now you can engage with your market for free – it is very interesting and enjoyable. So once you publish news somewhere else, don’t forget to create a link back to the news on your Facebook page and see what your clients think about it. You can ‘like’ our CDG Facebook page here.
This is one of our favorites. You can not only engage with your existing clients and collegues, but source more leads on the platform following a few simple steps. Unfortunately, free subscription has certain limitations, but, we must say, that a premium one is worth every penny. Finding insights on the person you have a meeting with tomorrow could be invaluable. Knowing what interests them before the actual meeting will allow you to engage more, and take the pressure off (slightly). This enables you to talk to the person with ease, and the conversation will be more enjoyable for both. You can connect with us on LinkedIn here, we are always eager to reach out and engage with professionals in our industry. Generic Cymbalta for sale
This is a really interesting marketing tool, which I do not believe many companies understand it’s true value. You publish a short message (limited characters) with a link/picture/video. The ‘tweets’ should be interesting to be engaging with by other people. With assistance from Twitter, you can explore your industry, gain insights, build your brand and reach out to the right people. You can follow us on Twitter here.
This tool is somewhat similar to the above mentioned. But, this platform enables you to publish links to your news through visually engaging images. This way you can explore your market, reach out to potential customers, learn what impression users have of your company, whilst enforcing a positive brand image.  and leave a good impression about your brand. You can follow us on Pinterest here.

In conclusion, I believe that if you want to grow or even just remain viable in business, you must adapt and evolve with the social environment. Sales and Marketing teams should use every avenue available to them, and these platforms are free (to an extent), so why not optimize your strategy to make time for social media? Or if you do not have the time or expertise, why not outsource these activities? At CDG, we aim to save your time and assist you in perfecting your Social Media Marketing Strategy. You can find more information on this

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