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December 13, 2015
The Power Of Branding

Brand is the most valuable asset a business can own. In fact, if managed properly, a brand asset will never be devalued. A well managed brand can increase in value year after year. Regardless of this exceptional and distinctive characteristic, branding has long been undervalued. But businesses who disregard branding is both naive and short-sighted.

Many Businesses believe branding is a subject that lies in marketing department. But what some businesses don’t understand is that branding comprises of everything a business does, from logo, to the way it deals with customers questions and their complaints.

Let me demonstrate with few examples. Few days ago I bought a drink at a coffee shop that showcased a brief slogan: “We always treat you like Royalty”, which I found ironic, especially when faced with a surly clerk and unkempt counter. Either it was a bad day for him or he did not like working there. Either way, the people who came up with that line had the best of intentions but the clerk who was charged with carrying it did not get the message. Needless to say I did not go there again.

In contrast, one of my friends recently purchased a new pair of shoes from a local store. Not only she enjoyed her experience there with pleasant and cheerful clerk but she also got a call few days later to ask if everything is ok with her shoes. Now she goes there with her friends when ever she wants shoes.
Branding is very important. Effective and successful branding improves the visibility and reputation for a product, service or business. Successful branding attracts attention and drives sales which is important for a business. Customers will be willing to pay more for products and services from business they know and trust.Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Here at CDG, we deliver exciting results for clients all over the world. Our passion is to create compelling digital solutions that give the wow factor and speak intelligently to your customers. This passion keeps running long after the event is over so you the customer gets the after sales support that makes you feel appreciated and never forgotten.We collect, monitor and analyse data to continuously improve your customers brand experience.

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