Experience Driven Design

User Experience Design, Web and Mobile UI Design, GUI Design (App & Software) Wireframing & Digital Prototyping

For experience-driven design to become an effective process to use, much effort should be put into research and method development of your intended user expereince. Using the basis of an interaction-centred design approach we harness the benefits of the pre-defined interaction with the user, in the form of a multi-faceted measured experience. The result is a design that affords the intended, rich experience in every design feature and rewards the user experience developing more effectivness.

UX Design

Building a website that attracts the right target audience and interacts with them to use the website efficiently takes proficiency in UX design. The website will need to be built for this audience specifically so be aware your brand or company marketing will need to dovetail yet not compromise the final results of the website.

Obviously, your brand’s objectives need to be met as well. However, those goals won’t ever be reached if the website is incapable of converting visitors. This is why UX design is an invaluable part of the web design process. We improve a brand’s chance for success by designing from the perspective of the user. CDG UX designers use some of the following processes.

  • Competitive research
  • Industry research
  • User research and tester recruitment
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Website testing tools
  • Usability testing
  • Website analysis

UI Design

Our UI design team will take all of their research and planning behind the scenes of your website build and combine it with the groundwork our UX designers laid down. 

Our UI designers fill in the visual details but also deal with how they’re going to use white space to improve usability and legibility. They create obvious areas of focus while effectively guiding visitors through the content. We use responsive design and how the web pages will look across devices and browsers and how interactions and animations affect each web page and finally we check usability to check that every visitor can view and access the content without issue. Points to consider.

  • We create a documented plan to keep on track
  • We share with all stakeholders and contributors for consistency
  • We future the usability of the CMS


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