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Your brand should not stand still, it should evolve and innovate be relevant, distinctive, and sustainable. CDG provides the toolset, knowledge and experience to ensure this happens. The design process used by CDG is a customer-centric ideology using experience, creativity and hard work to form a “Valuable Experience” that underpins the design objective. We hone in on the wants needs and desires of people and their experiences they encounter reinforced through the digital and business success requirements needed to make the objective successful, innovative and rewarding culminating in a brand Identity that is unique and truly you.

Brand Positioning

A thorough brand audit is the foundation of building further success. Our brand audit will help you gain a fundamental understanding of where your brand stands in its current marketplace. We will look into Internal, External Brand processes, systems and infrastructure and develop a roadmap for your business with the main goal of bringing higher value to your brand proposition. With this re positioning we develop a language culture, brand tone and visual identity that reinforces the brand strategy leading to a clear path to a successful brand positioning.

  • Brand Ethos
  • Creating a Brand Persona
  • Distinctive Brand Language
  • Innovative Brand Design
  • Building Brand Equity

Brand Identity

Instead of concentrating on quick graphic designs, we develop brand identity systems that go far beyond a refreshed logo or a typeface on your business cards. Neither fonts, nor images on your website define your Brand, there is much more to it. Your brand Identity establishes a foundation for an entire communication system. We provide our clients with Brand Identities not logos, that live in a real world. From your online presence to marketing collateral we will make sure we develop a consistent Identity system for you.

  • Design Identity
  • Colour Palette Positioning
  • Typeface Family Alignment
  • Iconography / Graphic Representation
  • Sub Branding & Continuity

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are produced from the creative stage to guide everyone on the brand identity usage. Brand consistency is where you communicate your brand strategy the most. This guide will be written for anyone who is involved inside or outside your company. Everyone is responsible for bringing your brand message and consistency to its maximum: be it a marketer, a sales representative, receptionist or board director. You will receive Brand Book that will cover all the aspects of your Brand Identity, language and image usage.

  • Identity guidelines
  • Brand usage guides
  • Business specific for end user
  • Brand Story


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