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Striving to reach the top.

TopTip is an interactive game which appeals to the competitive instinct of people who are interested in mainstream sports and current affairs. The game tests the user’s knowledge about sporting tournaments, public events or competitions and enables each player to play alongside other players within the game. The game can also be played to benefit particular charities or organisations that appeals to a specific player.

Fun betting, while helping charities.

TopTip came to CDG with an open brief scenario. The project aims to put together people with a love for sports and betting with the added incentive of helping good causes. This way people can have fun betting, while helping charities. TopTip needed to deliver a brand and app design that promoted the idea of reaching the top, a fun and friendly game initiative that is different from the cold, common and serious sports betting apps. CDG needed to remind consumers that they could help positive causes even when they are supporting their teams and having fun.

Energetic, Bold and Strong.

In order to give the best result possible CDG studied the main target users and the most popular sport and betting app structures. We created a dynamic, visual and impactful brand identity and rolled it out alongside a the new user friendly Charity Gaming App.

The core idea of the brand is in reaching the top. The logo itself is a minimal, abstract trophy, brought together by 2 Ts that represent the Top(The idea of reaching the top) and Tip (Placing of bets), creating a distinguished, memorable, branded visual communication. The spirit and ambition of the sports are represented by the energetic, bold and strong colours that complements the modern and clean logo.

By researching popular sports and betting apps we were able to bring together the best bits from each to deliver top results for the Gaming App. Our goal was to create the best interface and experience for the user. To complement the app that was launched on Iphone and Android, CDG created a standalone landing website to help the app and attract more visibility to the project.

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