Driven Goals

THe Gallops

Homes With
Hertitage, Style
And Culture

Client: Clonee Developments Ltd.


Sector: Property

Luxury family residences with Heritage,Culture and Shopping on your doorstep.

The Gallops is a new attractive development of five-bedroom houses with an idyllic rustic setting. Digital, as well as innovative building technics and high-quality tools, combine to create these great homes which will be comfortable for future generations. This new housing development offers a luxurious lifestyle with every comfort in mind within a tranquil setting with landscaping and design to make it a desirable destination to call home. Each home includes a private gravel drive with ample parking bordered by dark steel legacy style railings to the front and sides of the house. Interiors comprising of hand-crafted painted kitchens with luxury quartz worktops and the latest white goods included.


Elegance & Comfort with spectacular Surroundings.

CDG was on process of getting to know more about the Gallops. Despite being a challenge, we were able to study the brand identity and value together with the mission so that we can know more about the agency. The solution was to come up with a new brand after which we simplified how it was looking to be something attractive and engaging. CDG developed a new well digitized design while maintaining that brand’s important aspect and accessibility.       


Embrace the Integrity of Style.

For us as CDG to offer great possibility of success, we studied the key audience and the most known housing agency CDG formed an engaging and user friendly brand identity. Our goal is to make sure that the brand is attracting more clients. CDG crafted a new modern identity while keeping the brand’s core understanding and essence.  The rejuvenated Brand Identity would fit with a new website that would be easy to use and visually attracting and supporting all the browsers desire.


Taking it up a Notch past the next level

CDG developed the website by generating friendly imagery and capturing and using original photos and videos to display within the website. Ultimately we had to bring the brand to life within a new modern experience. We completed everything in copywriting, video, photos text, web brand design, and everything else to create a better layout for the brand design. It was important that CDG build the brand in a way that reflects the firm’s reputation and expertise, as well as its name. The brand design communicates the market positioning. The brand was supposed to be enhanced and increase the experience and CDG worked on every part of the brands touch points. CDG fostered an advanced, easy to understand and responsive dashboard style site and worked with Gallops on the entirety of its printed media, including outside signage and all of the brand’s stationary. The outcomes were a change of something very notable into something that would turn out to be effectively more essential through its straightforwardness.

Additionally, CDG designed an agile, user-friendly, and responsive website based on user research. As a result, the traffic rose to more than 150% in several days. The traffic had a 60% lower bounce rate and the comments and social media are up 200% making the development of the brand and website portal a successful  project.

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