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Client: Taxback International

Sector: Finance

Global Financial Services Innovators.

Established in 1996 as part of The Taxback Group, Taxback International is recognised as the world’s leading VAT compliance service and reclaim provider. 

Taxback International offers a number of financial services to customers including:

• Global VAT Compliance
• Payments
• Domestic VAT Reclaim
• Reporting, Analytics and Insights
• Data Security
• Integrations and Reconciliations
• Regulatory Compliance

The company works with clients from all over the world to maximise their VAT recovery. Taxback works with sole traders seeking a once-off VAT refund, medium-sized organisations with international VAT obligations and multinational corporations seeking an integrated one-stop VAT compliance solution.


Developing a strong brand strategy and creating a striking visual identity toolkit.

CDG was asked by Taxback to create a new brand toolkit that would appeal specifically to medium and large organisations. The client wished to maintain essence of its brand, but also expand the brand experience through the use of a secondary visual language. Taxback wanted to communicate a more personalised look and feel.

Our objective was threefold:

1. To develop and implement a consistent brand promotion theme that targets and resonates with Taxback customers, management and staff and any third parties involved with the promotion of the brand. From this work
2. To create a brand identity kit in line with the business values and brand requirements above and below the line.
3. To produce a digital presence that underpins Taxback’s internationals business strategy, aligns with the Taxback brand and supports customer growth and sales for an international audience.

Therefore, our goal was to maintain the brand’s core values, but renew the brand’s points of customer contact delivering a clear, contemporary and dynamic design.

Maximising a visual uniformity globally.

CDG worked closely with the company to develop a brand identity that presents Taxback as both an innovative and customer-focused service provider and creating a brand toolkit that successfully struck a balance between the brand’s core values and the needs of its customers.

We developed a range of storyboards / themes that resonated with the existing brand but strengthened and solidified a stronger future brand positioning and further international expansion.

CDG developed and created brand expression themes to link and further drive the corporate message. This included graphic templates to unify Taxback’s brand and create a consistent message that matches the brand values.

Kitting out the Taxback International brand.

The brand toolkit it is the organisation’s playbook. It includes the principles and guidelines to ensure the brand is universal across all channels. It’s about developing guiding components that allow your brand to extend naturally.

Developed and designed by CDG, the new brand toolkit has a bold, dynamic and modern design that presents Taxback as an industry innovator with regard to financial technology and customer service. This toolkit has the objective of communicating with the customers in a clear and trustworthy manner, building a strong relationship between the brand and its target audience.

The Visual Identity Toolkit developed for Taxback by CDG offers a flexible menu of design options—typefaces, a colour palette, logo variations and more. They can be coordinated in ways that fit individual needs while still providing an overall consistency.

Finalised brand expression guide included – existing logo, typography – primary and secondary colours, photography and image guidelines, iconography and graphic elements and templates.

These tools can be used across all platforms, from social media to letterhead to webpages, from big banners to posters and smartphone screens.


Understanding the brand and the customer

The brand theming and exploration undertaken by CDG has dramatically advanced the range of promotional options for Taxback’s Marketing Teams and consolidated the thinking around the value of the brand with regard to the future of the company.

Our work has helped to consolidate the company’s operational excellence and market expansion into a unified and focused expression through the company brand and digital presence and what it stands for.

CDG has developed a wide range of methodologies to distil and extract critical brand equity drivers on behalf of its clients.  Our approach specifically focuses on Innovideate – a methodology developed and used by CDG to create an effective and successful brand strategy for an organisation.

CDG uses Design Thinking as a strategic framework to help organisations focus more on their customers, users and audiences.

By empathising with and understanding the people that use Taxback International services, we found insights that helped define its desires, needs, wants and issues. CDG used this process with Taxback International stakeholders to align its aspirations and connect Taxback‘s core values with their needs

As a result, Taxback International has become a more thoughtful and meaningful brand by putting the needs and wants of its customers first.

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