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An established brand with an enviable reputation.

Established in 1970, Irish Prestige Signs (IPS) now rebranded as Prestige Signs has built a reputation as being the leading provider of corporate branding and signage solutions In Ireland. They have continue to invest in the resources and technologies necessary to provide benchmark branding and signage products and services to its customers. Prestige Signs offers a turnkey service from site survey and design through to manufacture, installation and maintenance countrywide.

Developing a strong, modernised brand identity that builds on the history and pedigree of IPS “Irish Prestige Signs” appealing to an existing and new audience.

With an existing brand and identity that was developed and established over forty years ago, the owners and management felt that a bolstering and refreshing of its brand was long overdue.

CDG was asked to create a new look that mirrored who the company in its current business environment appealing to both their existing client base current and yet untapped markets and customers. Our aim was to design a bold, fresh and updated version of the old branding, translating the history and success of Irish Prestige Signs, making it relevant for a new age audience. Shortening the brand name was identified as critical to the brand’s modernisation. Hence, Irish Prestige Signs would now change to the slicker moniker of ‘Prestige Signs’.

CDG designed a modern identity and introduced a new brand colour palette.

CDG researched the target audiences, the brand value and mission, in order to fully understand the company and its mission. Our solution was to rejuvenate the Irish Prestige Signs brand by simplifying the nature of the brand. Creating a new, strong and bold name – ‘Prestige Signs’ was presented as the new way and agreed by the client.  CDG crafted a new modern identity while keeping the brand’s core essence and values.

The existing logo was adapted and updated while still allowing it to maintain a connection with the previous identity and past. The old symbol was adapted to a more minimalist, modern and purposeful form to be used on all existing and new media. The new bold, contemporary and commanding typeface sits alongside the streamlined design aesthetic.

Creating a more visual and effective presence online.

With the purpose of enhancing and growing the brand experience, CDG worked on every part of the brands touch points. CDG developed and designed a modern, user friendly and responsive style website and worked with Prestige on all its printed media, including external signage and all of the brand’s stationary.

Prestige Signs’ online strategy came with full digital marketing support – SEO & SMO. CDG produced eye catching and effective digital advertising design – both static and video content – ensuring effective communication its target audiences.

As part of the commitment to targeting new customer segments, CDG developed a free App specifically for smaller customers, particularly retailers, in order to estimate the cost of updating and replacing exterior signage. This initiative has been a massive success driving a spike in enquiries and sales among smaller businesses and organisations. This additional part of the company was called SIGNEDGE and that brand was designed and developed along with supplying the necessary marketing online and offline to build its brand presence nationally.

CDG also designed all offline marketing material that helped Prestige Signs reach their audiences with their new brand story and messaging incorporating the bold modern progressive brand name and iconography. The results were the transformation of something quite well known into something that would become easily more memorable through its simplicity. This new brand refresh will see Prestige Signs’ name well into future.

Taking Prestige Signs into the new century

The new brand identity builds on the story of 40 years of success. CDG created a new age identity that created the vehicle to increase both brand awareness and retention.

Measuring the effect and success of our rebranding can be difficult within a B2B market as there are so many factors and forces that can affect the results. However, in the subsequent period, it was noted that enquiries and sales increased. Additionally, user engagement with the new website with new domain name increased and the length of stay on the website went up from 3 seconds to 20 seconds on average. The bounce rate also decreased to less than 30% over the next twelve months.

What some of our customers say …

“We realised that our look hadn’t really changed in 40 years and that – as a leading supplier if signage solution in Ireland – our brand should reflect an identity for the 21st Century.

CDG came in and had a look at what we were doing and trying to do moving forward. They’ve given us a strong, modern look and a highly effective presence online. We’re now fit for purpose in a new century.”

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