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Client: OConnor Shannon

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Exploiting a significant opportunity in the Irish property market.

O’Connor Shannon was established in 1995 as a boutique estate agency with a particular focus on the Dublin residential and investment markets. The Pre’ 63 multi-unit property market is a particular speciality and strength where a considerable level of knowledge and expertise has been developed in the past 25 years. They have a wealth of experience in the evaluation of these properties and clients rely on their considerable knowledge of related issues such as planning & fire safety, taxation, development and tenancy legislation to ensure transactions are completed successfully. It’s commitment to both landlords and investors delivers valuable input at all critical stages of the purchase process – from acquisition and management to refurbishment and disposal.

A complete overhaul of the brand, underlining O’Connor Shannon as a major player in the Irish property market.

CDG was tasked with modernising the online and traditional brand and marketing presence of O’Connor Shannon targeting both its current customers and a new generation audience. Our task also included revamping the website platform in order to further increase enquiries from existing and new customers.

It was important for us to understand how the company had begun and developed over the years. With this in mind, CDG thoroughly researched the client’s target audiences coupled with fully understanding its brand values and mission. It completed this work with examining the customer journey and profiles of their target audiences. Creating customer journey maps and profiles allowed O’Connor Shannon to gain an in-depth understanding of its customer needs and with this knowledge, they could implement targeted marketing activities both online and offline which engage more successfully and also attract new clients and future prospects. Using CDG’s Innovideate Brand Strategy Model, we were able to accurately define the brief and develop the updated brand.

A progressive look and online approach for the brand.

The main challenge was to develop and imbue a clean, unique, and contemporary brand identity and to increase brand involvement digitally. The ultimate objective was to increase enquiries, signups and ultimately property sales.

CDG modernised the website by generating bespoke imagery using new photography and graphics within the website. We developed a responsive, accessible platform with clearly defined sections and a user journey clearly mapped that positions O’Connor Shannon as a ‘go-to’ real estate agent. CDG looked closely at common user flows to ensure a customer experience that was as seamless and as efficient as possible using a modern, elegant and simple interface.

O’Connor Shannon’s online presence was supplemented with full digital marketing SEO & SMO support. CDG also produced eye-catching and effective digital advertising and video, ensuring maximum awareness and exposure in support of its digital marketing strategy.

Creating and producing truly effective promotional materials

CDG was also tasked with desiging all of O’Connor Shannon’s property advert and brochure templates in addition to traditional hard copy brochures and marketing materials all of which complimented the newly developed brand identity and strategy. Exterior signage has traditionally been a huge part of how the company promoted itself.  Therefore, a studied style was needed in producing something that would clearly set them apart from the competition in a highly competitive market. A contemporary approach was used with secondary graphics added to enhance the impact. The shopfront façade was rejuvenated through vivid new look graphics and window displays. The new background colour was used from the brand guideline colour pallet and eye catching light boxes were utilised to display the shop frontage effectively at night.

All secondary large format signage was redesigned and a revamp of the press advertisements used to display their clients properties was significanly changed to ‘up’ its profile appearance in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Sunday Business Post newspapers and others. It is important to keep a consistency with the new brand image and to maintain and consolidate the brand essence and visual profile so that it becomes a statement in itself.


CDG successfully created an up to date identity and transformative online platform that both met and exceeded the client’s objectives and expectations of increasing enquiries, sales and customers in addition to fostering and further developing brand awareness and loyalty.

O’Connor Shannon now boasts a digital identity real world presence that not only reflects its position as a major player in the Irish property market but also effectively communicates its specific expertise and competitive advantage.

What some of our customers say …

“We wanted to further emphasise our footprint in the Irish property market and felt a strengthening of our brand was vital in that respect.

CDG already had a track record in the property market, so choosing them was really a no-brainer.

What we got them was exactly what we wanted – a strong, aggressive presence visually both online and in the traditional selling materials we use.”

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