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Client: National Museum of Ireland

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National Museum of Ireland,
Carlow County Museum - LAMN

CDG has worked successfully with National Museums of Ireland, Country Life Museum in Mayo, Carlow County Museum and the Local Authority Museums Network (LAMN) for several years now and continues to do so. CDG helped Carlow Museum and LAMN with their brand strategy and digital platform while also developing and delivering professional online websites to promote each entity. We look forward to working with more Museums and with National Museum of Ireland too.

National Museum of Ireland.

National Museum of Ireland (Irish: Ard-Mhúsaem na hÉireann) is Ireland’s leading museum institution, with a strong emphasis on national and some international archaeology, Irish history, Irish Art, culture, and natural history. It has three branches in Dublin, the archaeology and natural history museums adjacent on Kildare Street and Merrion Square, and a newer Decorative Arts and History branch at the former Collins Barracks, and the Country Life museum in County Mayo.

Whitewash & Thatch Exhibition

A fascinating collection of drawings of thatched cottages, made by students at the UCD School of Architecture in the 1930s and 1940s, It has been shown at the National Museum’s Country Life division, Turlough House, Castlebar, Co Mayo. and many other regional museums, Like Carlow and Galway.

The exhibition, Whitewash and Thatch, includes wonderfully detailed plans, elevations and sections of vernacular houses in Ireland, which – in stark contrast to their successors – were all built to fit harmoniously into the landscape.

Local Authority Museum Network.

Local Authority Museum Network. (LAMN) represent 12 Local Authority Museums’ that all play a vital role in the social, cultural and economic life of regions across Ireland.

The LAMN comprises of:

  • Carlow County Museum;
    • Cavan County Museum;
    • Clare Museum,
    • Cork Public Museum,
    • County Museum, Dundalk;
    • Donegal County Museum;
    • Galway City Museum;
    • Kerry County Museum;
    • Limerick Museum;
    • Monaghan County Museum;
    • Tipperary Museum of Hidden History
    • Waterford Museum of Treasures.

The members of the LAMN are designated museums under Section 19 of the National Monuments Acts 2004 and Section 68 (2) of the National Cultural Institutions Act, 1997. Under this legislation each Museum is legally entitled to retain archaeological objects on behalf of the State.

Local Authorities throughout Ireland play a vital and proactive role in promoting and preserving culture and heritage, adding significantly to the quality of life of their communities. LAMN work in partnership with services across the wider local authorities, as well as with other organisations in their respective regions, with government departments and, of course, with communities, amplifying and contributing to the development of sustainable cultural and economic activity in our local areas. The LAMN rich collections include some of the most inspiring and unique examples of Ireland’s archaeological, historical, social, industrial and cultural heritage, all of which can be experienced in a diversity of ways. The wide and imaginative range of exhibitions and events provided by local authority museums locally and nationwide demonstrates how local museums can create social cohesion in their communities. As a group of professional organisations, one of the unique strengths of the LAMN is the ability to continually use their collections to pioneer new and imaginative programmes for engaging with communities of all ages and all backgrounds.

Carlow County Museum.

Carlow County Museum is a Designated Museum by the National Museum of Ireland under the National Monuments Acts 1930 – 2004. Under this designation, Carlow County Museum is legally entitled to collect, retain, request and display archaeological objects on behalf of the State. Dermot Mulligan, Museum Curator, is the Designated Person for County Carlow. Carlow County Museum is part of the Heritage Council’s Museums Standards Programme of Ireland (MSPI) which promotes professional standards in the care of collections in Irish museums and galleries. Carlow County Museum is the first museum in County Carlow to participate in the programme. Carlow County Museum is a member of the Local Authority Museums’ Network (L.A.M.N) which represents the twelve Local Authority Museums across Ireland, which play a vital role in the social, cultural and economic life of regions across Ireland.  

We strive to continue our work with the Museum communities in Ireland.

Here on the user experience, CDG worked greatly on all Museum brands’ importance. For instance, CDG designed an innovative, convenient and engaging dashboard-style website for LAMN. Each Museum has worked with CDG on many digital and print-based media. Many offline marketing materials were designed by CDG so as to help each Museum reach its audiences. The results were memorable transformations due to using simple digital graphics. All design work was very easy to interact with and very friendly to use anywhere including smartphone or tablet. We look forward to continuing our graphic and digital work with each Museum entity and hope that it will bring each into the future.

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