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Motorsport Ireland is the national governing body for four-wheeled motorsport in the Republic of Ireland

Established in 2005, Motorsport Ireland is the national governing body for four-wheeled motorsport in the Republic of Ireland and is affiliated to the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile), the main association for world motorsport, headquartered in Paris. It is responsible for all governance and administration aspects of motorsport organisation, as well as controlling the technical, safety and sporting aspects across the various disciplines.

Motorsport Ireland’s authority covers all 26 counties and also has 36 affiliated motor clubs under its umbrella. Each year, these clubs organise approximately 160 sporting events in total, which are listed in the official Motorsport Ireland calendar and cover 12 different branches of the sport.

Leading the Race

In order the consolidate its position as Ireland’s leading motorsport body and build for the future, CDG were approached to advise on brand strategy and brand development.

This exploratory design work which was never used, was to create a modern brand and identity that would harmonise with both existing and new members and reflect the principles and values driving the organisation – Respect, Transparency, Fairness, Teamwork and Enjoyment. This re-energised brand identity would spearhead all of Motorsport Ireland’s online and offline marketing activities and collateral

Exploratory Brand Identity work

Our objective was to translate the vision and core values of the organisation into a recognised brand that clearly identifies the organisation and its services. Our main challenge was to create a contemporary brand that would reflect the principles and values driving the organisation. The revitalised brand identity exploratory work was going to be incorporated into a new website, stationary, event signage and vehicle graphics.

As always – to successfully develop an effective brand strategy – it was imperative for us to understand the origins and development of Motorsport Ireland. CDG examined the mission and values of Motorsport Ireland and also researched its target audiences. We accomplished this work by examining the member journey and the profiling its target audiences. Developing a customer journey map and member profiles, gave us an understanding of the requirements of members both old and new. Using CDG’s own Innovideate Brand Strategy Model, we were able to accurately define the brief in order to develop and update the brand. With this knowledge, Motorsport Ireland was now in a position to implement targeted marketing activities both on and offline, engaging with the member base more successfully and attracting new members. 

Brand rejuvination for Irish Motorsport a winning combination

The mission was to develop an iconic logo that would resonate and be easily recognisable as the leading motorsport organisation in Ireland. A bold, strong and forward-moving design was developed to reflect the authority and status of Motorsport Ireland as a leading sports body. The colour pallet was chosen to convey its nationality and pedigree.

CDG also created a full suite of imagery to be incorporated into all of their marketing and promotional materials.

We believe the overall visual brand experience and identity has elevated Motorsport Ireland and now reflect it as the leading motorsport body in Ireland. 

Note:This work, while undertaken, designed and developed, was never implemented due to the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 and monetary restrictions. MI is recovering from this pandemic and hopes to revisit the new branding efforts in the future. This work was exploratory and is not the current Brand identity in use currently by MI.

Design proposals for a high performance web design solution

CDG undertook a thorough analysis of Motorsport Ireland’s existing website and subsequently developed a framework and prototypes resulting in proposed new layouts.

Proposed new designs were developed to highlight the new brand and the strapline ‘Driving the Future of Irish Motorsport’ with the use of exciting bespoke photography on the landing page in order to effectively communicate what Motorsport Ireland’s remit values and brand leadership as – the leading motorsport association and governing body in Ireland.

The use of the classic ‘racing green colour, vibrant graphic templates and the extensive use of photography throughout gives the site energy and vitality that encourages users to explore further the various aspects of the organisation and its services.

It was proposed that the content would also be upgraded better to suit the more exciting feel of the new brand design. Rather than incorporating large chunks of text, concise bite-sized information pieces would be used to keep the user interested and informed. Helping visitors to the site obtain quickly and easily the specific information needed and encourage them to explore the site further.

CDG also examined everyday user flows in order to ensure a more seamless and helpful user experience to help browsers experience the new proposed brand and information in a timely manner.

An unbeatable look and experience

What the client says…”It was important to us that our new identity and promotional materials would be unified and would properly reflect Motorsport Ireland as the leading motorsport body in Ireland and resonate with both our existing and new members.

What really impressed us was CDG’s understanding of our history and values and translating that into promoting us as the organisation for motorsport in Ireland.”

While this work was tendered for and completed by CDG it was unfortunate we never got to use it. We wish CDG the best in their future design endevours.

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