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Client: Monaghan Institute

Sector: Education

Creating a brighter future for students.

Founded in 1992 and located in Monaghan Town, Monaghan Institute is modern academic institution offering over forty PLC courses and a wide range of further education and training (FET) courses. Each course is specifically designed for employment, correctly balance between theoretical and practical study with the job-market firmly in mind. Close links with local employers and the community ensure that the focus of the many courses offered reflects local needs and current/future skills shortages.  

All of our courses carry nationally and internationally recognised certification and provide learners with the opportunity to progress to further study through the Higher Education Links Scheme. Over the years, a significant number of past graduates have gone on to complete higher degrees are now in employment or running their own businesses and playing an active part in the community.  Others have used further education to retrain or up-skill and have changed career.


Designing a digital platform to effectively cater to modern student needs.

CDG were tasked with a brief to completely overhaul and redesign the Monaghan Institute website for applicants, students and staff alike. The existing website was seen as awkward and outdated and it needed a brand new site showcasing The Monaghan Institute as a leading educational and vocational establishment in the region.

It was imperative that the new web platform not only translated the status and appeal of the Institute, but provided a menu of information that would facilitate applicants, students and staff in quickly and easily locating what they were looking for.

CDG researched the remit of the Institute its services and target audience in order to identify the best options and then deliver the best solution. Our goal was to produce a distinctive, interactive and modern website orientated specifically to its different users.

CDG looked closely at common user flows to ensure a user experience that was as seamless and efficient as possible, created with a modern, elegant and simple interface.


Delivering an exciting, informative and modern web solution.

Having carried out a thorough analysis of the existing website, CDG began developing a framework and prototypes that helped create a superior layout and design for the final version.

A bold and inviting headline ‘YOUR FUTURE STARTS HERE with modern bespoke photography was used on the landing page as the statement of intent – Monaghan Institute is a modern and progressive educator that gets students work-ready. Colourful graphic templates and extensive use of photography gives the site a light and energy that encourages users to further explore the various aspects of the college, its campus, courses and student life.

It was also important that the content was upgraded to suit the new and vibrant feel of the website – rather than large reams of text, concise ‘bite-sized’ and relevant information pieces were used to keep the user interested and informed. This allows visitors to quickly and easily digest the specific information required and also encourage them to further explore the site.

Ultimately, CDG produced an interactive, responsive and user-friendly website. Relevant topics and courses are clearly defined with the user journey clearly mapped resulting in a high-performing user-centric website that positions Monaghan Institute as a leader in the provision of PLC and FET Courses. CDG looked closely at common user flows to ensure a seamless and helpful experience that was as created with a modern, elegant and simple interface.

Ultimately, CDG designed a responsive, user friendly website that responded effectively to its brief in meeting the needs of users. All aspects are clearly defined and the user-journey has been mapped and refined extensively resulting in a user-friendly and attractive website that positions MI ahead of their competition.


Our hard work results in a successful online platform

CDG successfully designed a contemporary platform that both met and exceeded the objectives and expectations of increasing web traffic and fostering and improving the awareness of Monaghan Institute.

Monaghan Institute now boasts a website that not only reflects its position as a leader in the provision of high quality vocationally orientated courses but also effectively communicates with applicants, students and staff alike.

Following the launch of the website, traffic increased by 250% in less than 4 weeks. Quite an achievement.

We felt that we had really accomplished something special in delivering a highly successful website for Monaghan Institute.

Our work resulted in CDG being awarded the Best in Universal Design Award for the Monaghan Institute website at the IIA Net Visionary Awards in 2017 and Winner of Best in Universal Design
2022 Spider Awards.

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