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Client: McCrae Consulting Engineers

Sector: Construction

Innovation, sustainability, co-operation, value, and teamwork are at the heart of the services we provide.

McCrae Consulting Engineers specialise in Fire, Civil and Structural Engineering.  Having undertaken many new build projects, McCrae are also experts in refurbishment and conservation work. They have considerable experience in the design and procurement of modular building and active in the residential, commercial, industrial, leisure, health care and education sectors. They have developed an extensive repeat Client base of both public and private clients. 

McCrae believe work should be completed on time and within budget and this is the key to developing long term Client relationships they recognise the power of collaborative teamwork and continually seek to support, challenge and contribute to the project team in a manner which is positive, enthusiastic and professional – a key element of our role is to facilitate team efficiency and productivity and thereby secure the best outcome for their clients.  

Using the latest technologies, McCrae experienced, and dynamic team provide innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to the problems presented by each individual construction project.

Converting the mission and values into an effective brand identity.

CDG was given the task of designing a new corporate brand identity and website along with digital marketing collateral. Our goal was to translate the core values of the company into an iconic brand that represents what the company offers. Our main challenge was to create a contemporary brand that would harmonise with their target markets and reflect the principals and values driving the organisation. The revitalised brand identity would form part of a new website – easy to use and visually pleasing while satisfying all of the users’ requirements.

In order to successfully develop an effective brand strategy, it was important for us to understand the history and development of Murcom over the years. CDG looked at the mission and values of the company and also researched its target market sectors. We concluded this work by examining the customer journey and the profiles of its target audiences. Developing a customer journey map and customer profiles gave an appreciation of what its customer needed. With this understanding, Murcom was now in a position to implement targeted marketing activities both on and offline, engaging with the customer base more successfully and attracting new clients and future prospects. Using CDG Brand’s Innovideate Brand Strategy Model, we were able to accurately define the brief and develop an updated brand.

The goal was to design a strong, fresh, modernised update of the incumbent brand identity, and a new marketing website portal.

McCrea engineers were growing significantly over the last 5 years and were going through some internal management changes which need to be addressed. The company was merging with another entity, and it needed to reflect its new position and improved strengths. CDG was asked to create a new look that reflected who they are now today — to appeal to their current clients and new generation audience. Our goal was to design a bold, fresh and updated version of the old branding, translating the history and accomplishments of its past endeavors through the years for
the new age audiences.

A Modern identity’s future

CDG studied the target audience, the brand value and mission, to understand more about the company. Our solution was to rejuvenate the brand identity by simplifying the essence of the brand word and iconography. Creating a new, strong, and bold name – MCE was presented and accepted.  CDG crafted a new modern identity while keeping the brand’s core understanding and essence.

The logo used iconic colours that have always represented an engineering brand, allowing it to maintain a connection with the previous identity. The old iconography was reduced to a minimalist form rendering the old icon into a solid rectangle more modern and purposeful for use in displays on all media. The new, bold, contemporary, and commanding typeface sits alongside the streamlined icon design, aesthetic, complimenting while using the bold energetic colours and minimalist use of letters MCE.

With the purpose to enhance and increase the brand experience, CDG worked on every part of the brands touch points. CDG developed a modern, user friendly and responsive dashboard style website and worked with them on all its printed media, including external signage and all of the brand’s stationary. CDG also designed all offline marketing material that helped MCE reach their audiences with their new brand story and messaging incorporating the bold modern progressive brand name and iconography. The results were a transformation of something quite well known into something that would become easily more memorable through its simplicity.

Moving forward into new digital marketing world

The new brand builds on the story of previous 15 years of initial success. CDG created a new age iconic identity that explained exactly what was required to increase both brand loyalty and brand love. It made us look beyond the obvious and “take it up a notch.” The brand loyalty is based on logic on features and benefits. Brand Love is based on emotion on engagement and instilling a sense of purpose.

Measuring this can be difficult within a B2B market as there are many decerning attributes and market forces that can affect the results. However, a review was conducted after 12 months, and it highlighted several factors which illustrated an increase to the bottom-line facts which were. The company grew from 2 directors to 4 directors. The company expanded their service offerings, and one new director now manages MCE Management Services a new division to the company.

The bottom-line turnover within the year grew by 30% too. Additionally, users engaging on the primary advertising vehicle the new website had increased visitors and the length of stay on the website properties went up from 30 seconds to over one minute. The bounce rate decreased to less that 20% over the period of 12 months.

All in all, these combined benefits to the company were partially contributed to the new brand initiative and gusto that it instilled within the core team to achieve higher yields offering great ROI on their new branding and digital online investment.

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