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ISM is Ireland’s No.1 Driving school for over five decades.

SM Driving school was established in 1961. ISM Driving School offers driving classes in all major license categories for private and professional drivers. We have been leading Ireland’s largest Approved Driving Instructor training provider. For six decades, we have been offering our learner drivers the benefits and experience, unequaled local knowledge, and access to a huge range of resources to help our learners to succeed on their first time. Our training team is over 200 Driving Instructors operating lessons with the modern learner driver training fleet, seven days a week, throughout each county in Ireland.

In the search for quality and professionalism, no finishing line’s why we have kept on introducing a reputable brand that you can be proud of.

At ISM Driving School, we believe that in the pursuit of quality and professionalism there is no finishing line. That is why we have kept on introducing a reputable brand that you can be proud of. The brand is well designed and very recognizable, the need for a rebrand comes from a Brand Expansion and an Increased product offering – insurance and much more not just driving. Due to all these, there is a need for a Consistent, Cohesive, and Quality Brand Experience across all of the Customer/Client Touchpoint.


CDG crafted a new look that reflected who ISM Driving School is today and designed all online and offline marketing material.

CDG was asked to create a new look that reflected who ISM Driving School is today — to appeal to their current learners and new generation drivers. Our goal while working with ISM Driving School was to translate its values of hard work and the tradition of customer-focused care. Our main challenge was to create a clean, unique, and modern image that would empathize with the core target clients with the purpose to enhance and increase the brand experience, CDG worked on every one of the brand’s touchpoints. We developed a modern, user-friendly and responsive dashboard-style website that appealed to its users, we worked with ISM Driving School on all its printed media, including external branded Marketing material for events and all of the brand’s stationery. CDG also designed all online and offline marketing material.

Brand Evolution
not Revolution

The New Brand has a strong is and eye-catching logo that can be read from a distance. It pays respect to the Legacy of ISM, and it pays tribute to some of the Core Identifying elements of the old logo. The new ISM Brand Identity is stripped back and simplified – allowing the new logo/mark to be a clean & modern version of the brand’s Iconic Triangle. The use of secondary Graphics and sub-branding will bring Clarity and Quality through the addition of imagery, color, and text-based content.

The branding of ISM logo design represents true brand essence. It carries the right feel and all the required elements to link clients to the services of ISM Driving School. The color arrangement is making a good mixture with typeface and gives a remarkable look. That is how the creative process of ISM Driving School logo design is completed and we are sure that it will make another client fall in love with our work.

There was growth in the institution where the intakes increased within a year grew by 52%. The Website leads production is up to 70%. In this growth, before the design, there were 0 qualified leads but the first month on the New Brand Design, they had 40 qualified leads and 11 months later hit a record of 60 qualified leads.

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