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Client: InCarlow

Sector: Business

Doing the business in Carlow.

InCarlow is an initiative promoting the Carlow County as a destination opportunity for foreign direct investment (FDI) and a centre of indigenous business growth. CDG worked with Carlow County Council and local enterprise offices in order to help them realise the international business opportunities available to them. Carlow’s greatest asset is the capability, commitment and skills of its people and the network they create, which provides a special entrepreneurial environment – it’s something for which they should be commended. It is their ambition, vision, innovation and peoples success that makes County Carlow the focal enterprise hub for the south/east region.

The challenge of putting Carlow on the national and international business map.

Carlow is a county that is in constant progression with constant growth – an above-average level of population growth, particularly over the past decade, a younger age profile and greater demographic vitality

The county strives to be a broader focused business area. Agri-processing and traditional industries, including manufacturing, continue to be significant employers in Carlow, and the county’s economic profile is, to some extent, more akin to the Border and Midland Regions than of the Mid-East or Greater Dublin. Indeed, the South-East Region has generally lagged behind in respect of economic modernisation

The challenge was to create a unique and distinctive identity that would enhance and promote Carlow’s suitability and reputation as an ideal business location. The mission of inCarlow is to promote the County as a business destination for progressive and innovative companies who have an international ambition.

Building on a story of success to launch an even better future.

In order to produce an effective successful brand identity and digital platform, it was necessary for us to understand the business origins, resources and strengths of County Carlow and how they had developed over the years. This research was coupled with fully understanding mission and remit of inCarlow. CDG examined the profiles of its target audiences – Irish and foreign companies and relevant business sectors. Creating customer journey maps and profiles allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding of its audiences needs and with this knowledge, they could implement promotional activities both online and offline which engage more successfully with potential prospects. Using CDG’s Innovideate Brand Strategy Model, we were able to accurately define the brief and develop an effective brand.

In doing so, CDG identified the prospect of building a story of success, about County Carlow’s entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirit across a number of industries and acknowledge a history of opportunity and success for companies who innovate and have international ambition

Short, snappy and to the point, the inCarlow brand represents the idea of business, opportunities and endless possibilities within the county – Where Ambition, Innovation & Success meet.

With the simplistic yet elegant nature of the logotype, we chose a bold colour palette to enhance the overall impact of the visual identity. The secondary graphics are taken from the physical shape and form of County Carlow. The graphics change colour, and scale to enable ever changing dynamic expression.

To further enhance and improve the brand experience, CDG created a bespoke video content featuring the success stories of a number of Carlow-based businesses and illustrating the many advantages of the county from the business perspective.

To enhance inCarlow’s online presence, we developed and produces a website and worked with their social side, helping them to reach more prospective investors and create a better overall connection with the target audiences.

A Bold Colorful Brand Presence

What our clients say…

”Promoting Carlow as a go-to destination for national and international business is a massive task. Developing the right identity and promotional tools is crucial in our work to achieve this.

CDG have really gone beyond any expectation we had in this respect and produced a brand and identity that sits perfectly with our mission and strategy.”

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