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Client: William Harvey

Sector: Property

Harvey Auctioneers is a primary leader in the Irish Industrial and Logistics property sector with a proven record spanning nearly half a century.

Harvey Auctioneers was established in 1979, officially referred to as William Harvey. Harvey is number one in the market of the Irish Industrial and Logistics property, with proven performance history. Identified as a market professional, Harvey is progressively involved in many of the largest property transactions in Ireland. Their substantial experience, local market knowledge wealth, deep and understanding of the market dynamics in unrivalled. Harvey conducts its business in a personal manner following the highest ethical values and focused on building long-term client relationships. The directors are actively involved in all instructions and strive to deliver best-in-class advice and results for all their clients. It was important for CDG to develop the brand with these core strengths in mind.

The goal was to design a strong, fresh, modernised update of the incumbent brand identity, rendering the history and pedigree of William Harvey through the years for a new age audience of Harvey.

Harvey was going through some internal management changes which need to be addressed. The original CEO William was stepping aside to allow his son Philip to take the reins. With this in mind and looking towards future generations it was time to refresh and strengthen the brand. CDG was asked to create a new look that reflected who Harvey is today — to appeal to their current clients and new generation audience. Our goal was to design a bold, fresh and updated version of the old branding, translating the history and accomplishments of William Harvey through the years for a the new age audiences. Shortening the brand name seems to be a critical factor that needed to be examined. Hence William Harvey (Auctioneers) would now change to Harvey (Auctioneers).

CDG crafted a modern identity while keeping the brand’s iconic colour palette.

CDG studied the Willian Harvey target audience, the brand value and mission, in order to understand more about the company. Our solution was to rejuvenate the Harvey brand by simplifying the essence of the brand. Creating a new, strong and bold name – Harvey was presented and accepted.  CDG crafted a new modern identity while keeping the brand’s core understanding and essence.

The logo kept the iconic colours that have always represented Harvey’s brand, allowing it to maintain a connection with the previous identity. The old iconography was reduced to a minimalist form rendering the old factory icon into a solid rectangle more modern and purposeful for use in displays on all media. The new, bold, contemporary and commanding typeface sits alongside the streamlined icon design, aesthetic, complimenting while using the bold energetic colours.

With the purpose to enhance and increase the brand experience, CDG worked on every part of the brands touch points. CDG developed a modern, user friendly and responsive dashboard style website and worked with Harvey on all its printed media, including external signage and all of the brand’s stationary. CDG also designed all offline marketing material that helped Harvey reach their audiences with their new brand story and messaging incorporating the bold modern progressive brand name and iconography. The results were a transformation of something quite well known into something that would become easily more memorable through its simplicity. This new brand refresh will see Harvey’s brand well into the next 50 years future.

Preparing for the future while building the brand

The new brand builds on the story of 50 years of initial success. CDG created a new age iconic identity that explained exactly what was required to increase both brand loyalty and brand love. It made us look beyond the obvious and “take it up a notch.” The brand loyalty is based on logic on features and benefits. Brand Love is based on emotion on engagement and instilling a sense of purpose.

Measuring this can be difficult within a B2B market as there are many decerning attributes and market forces that can affect the results. However, a review was conducted after 12 months and it highlighted several factors which illustrated an increase to the bottom line facts which were. The company grew from 2 directors to 4 directors. The company expanded their service offerings, and one new director now manages Harvey Management Services a new division to the company.

It was noted that the properties being sold and new properties for sale within the company grew upwards in value. The bottom-line turnover within the year grew by 30% too. Additionally users engaging on the primary advertising vehicle the new Harvey website with new domain name had increased visitors and the length of stay on the website properties went up from 30 seconds to over one minute. The bounce rate decreased to less that 20% over the period of 12 months.

All in all these combined benefits to the company were partially contributed to the new brand initiative and gusto that it instilled within the core team to achieve higher yields offering great ROI on their new branding investment.

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