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Client: Gallagher 

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Designing and building kitchens of distinction.

For over 32 years, Gallagher Kitchens has provided a high quality domestic construction service to customers through its inherent values of commitment, honesty and pride in its work. Gallagher’s creates bespoke kitchen and wardrobe solutions to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.  The family run business has helped customers create their dream kitchens by carefully listening to and understanding their needs and vision and guiding them every step of the way from planning the project to installing the end product.

Based in Lucan, Co. Dublin and more recently opening a new showroom in Clondalkin, Gallagher Kitchens has a strong and dedicated team of designers, cabinet-makers, craftsmen and customer consultants.

Extending its customer reach while maintaining traditional values

Though successfully in business for a number of years and serving a relatively local customer base, it was decided that further success would only come from expanding its remit and  extending the reach of Gallagher Kitchens to the rest of Dublin, Leinster and beyond. In order to do this effectively, it was decided that a new look and identity combined with an impressive digital presence was essential in taking Gallagher to the next level.

CDG was tasked with designing a new corporate brand identity and digital marketing platform. Our objective was to translate its values of craftsmanship, expertise and tradition and project this to a wider audience.

Our main challenge was to create a contemporary feel that would appeal to the core target market (females predominantly) whilst sitting comfortably with the family tradition going on two generations. For the website, our goal was to make it visually pleasing and interactive becoming more engaging for users.

The new Gallagher Kitchen essentials.

Brand Identity

In providing Gallagher Kitchens the best design solution possible, CDG began by fully understanding who their customers really are and why they would choose one kitchen company over another. From this research, our solution was to rethink the company’s image by marrying the company’s history and expertise with its audience.

Our concept was to produce an end product that demonstrated tradition and modernity at the same time. With that idea in mind, CDG started with the logo design. We drew inspiration from the existing Gallagher Kitchens’ logo and used the Heraldic Coat of Arms but also to contemporise it. We chose a more modern colour combination and logo motif to complement the new image and used rich colours – black, gold and white – conveying strength, tradition and contemporary elegance.


CDG developed and designed a new platform using responsive web design, a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website using a custom themes and unique design. The selected colour scheme was used to differentiate the core content and call making it easier for customers to read and interact with the site.

With a rapidly increasing number of users browsing remotely, we also ensures that the site was smartphone and tablet- friendly.

Vans, Indoor & Outdoor Signage.

In order to present a comprehensive and uniform identity for the new look Gallagher Kitchens, we also adapted the new branding, designing and produced eye-catching signage for its van fleet, building exteriors and showrooms. This objective being to further extend and embed its new identity.


Always ensuring a satisfied customer.

Following the introduction of the new look and identity for Gallagher Kitchens and its new online platform, website traffic increased X% in the X period with a significantly lower bounce rate. More importantly, enquiries and orders grew by over X% in the X months that followed.

What our client says …

“We wanted to modernise our image and project Gallagher Kitchens as a leading designer and builder of custom made kitchens not just in Dublin but beyond. We’re a traditional family firm that wanted to be seen as a modern supplier. What impressed us most about CDG was them not coming in with preconceived ideas. They took time to understand what we were about and trying to do. We loved that they were able to link our tradition with the needs of the modern customer and produce an identity and website that customer seems to really respond to…..we’re busier than ever. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how well they understood what we were about and trying to achieve, particularly online. Not only do the new identity and website look great but the effect of their work on our online business has been massive.”

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