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Client: Empower

Sector: Public

A progressive and valuable local social and economic resource.

Empower formally known as Blanchardstown Area Partnership (BAP) is the local development initiative for the Fingal region of Dublin. Empower is responsible for a range of government funded programmes – Employment, Education and Health –
designed to meet the needs of individuals, families and community groups in the area.

Empower enables positive change by offering leadership, partnership and innovation to individuals and communities across Fingal by responding to unemployment and social exclusion issues through relevant and appropriate programmes and services. The organisation also provides a platform and opportunities to marginalised people and groups by coordinating and delivering innovative social inclusion initiatives, thus improving the quality of life of those it serves through advocacy and anti-poverty initiatives.

Empower provides a valuable local resource in leading, co-ordinating and working in partnership with community organisations, service providers, statutory agencies and relevant stakeholders to instigate and implement social inclusion and anti-poverty plans and projects across Fingal.

A Brand that Unites.

CDG worked with Blanchardstown Area Partnership (BAP) in developing the new ‘Empower’ brand strategy and identity right through to finished artwork for brochures and all other marketing materials. Our approach was to rebrand BAP whilst retaining its core mission and values.

Once we had established the core brand persona, CDG then evaluated what the new brand voice and message should be. Examining the core values using client workshops, we developed the new brand name ‘Empower’.

With the brand strategy clearly identified, CDG grasped what the brand identity should look like. CDG then designed the ideal brand visual using a powerful colour scheme to reflect the values and optimism of the brand. A warm, contemporary typeface combined with a sleek design complements the brand ethos and mission.

Along with a new brand identity, a new set of brand guidelines were developed to give a visual uniformity to all aspects of the organisation and its activities.

Inspiring an existing brand and a new audience.

A new website was also developed to reflect the new brand identity and message, replace the existing online platform. We developed a clean and accessible visual framework in order to ensure that all aspects of Empower’s mission and services – initiatives, programmes, supports and updates – were clearly identified and easy to navigate.

In addition, CDG organised and produced the necessary graphics photography and video content to support a truly professional digital platform.

With all brand and associated marketing collateral in place, Empower was officially launched to the public at its officers in April, 2018. CDG also produced all the necessary graphics and event information to create a high visibility and impact for the new organisation and brand.

The event was opened by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who commented in his keynote address:

“Empower is a really good name and sums up what it does and is trying to do which is to empower people to make positive changes in their lives.

Empower is a very strong word, a verb, describing strength, positive and optimism. The choice of name reflects the ambition of this organisation.”

The success of Empower since its launch is ongoing with an increased awareness and resonance among the community of Fingal as a resource that enables people to improve their conditions socially, educationally and economically. CDG is proud to have helped them in their journey.

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