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Client: Dawn Meats Group

Sector: Agri Food

Dawn Meats Group are market leaders in food processing and distribution with a heritage and expertise spanning more than 40 years.

With the necessity to continue to build their brand internationally, Dawn Meats created an online B2C presence for premium meat products. With the advent of Covid restrictions, there was a need to retail product usually supplied to restaurants and hospitality. The Premium Butcher became one of Ireland’s leading online meat delivery and retail service portals, offering premium, restaurant-quality meats to Irish households. A sister company to both Dawn Meats and Dunbia – supplying major foodservice operators, manufacturers and retailers to over 50 countries across the globe. The Premium Butcher has the inherited heritage, resources and expertise of a truly multinational meat food processor.

CDG were tasked with helping to further grow The Premium Butcher brand with these core strengths in mind maintaining and growing its existing customer base and attracting new shoppers and increasing overall turnover online sales.

Developing and designing a strong, contemporary update on its existing brand, connecting a modern audience to the history and pedigree of The Premium Butcher.

It was vital that any changes to the online brand reflected the commercial objective of increasing sales through the e-commerce web platform.

CDG was tasked with modernising the online presence that reflects who The Premium Butcher is today to appeal to both its current customers and a new generation audience. Our goal was to freshen up the online e-commerce platform that maximised awareness of the range of The Premium Butcher products and generate additional sales from existing and new customers.

CDG had already designed and rebranded the Dawn Meats portal website and the online presence of Dunbia. Though separate projects, it was important for us to understand how the company worked and built its brand internationally. With this in mind, CDG thoroughly researched the needs and wants of The Premium Butcher’s existing and target audiences coupled with fully understanding of its brand values and mission in order develop sales online though a difficult period when the hospitality sector was closed.

A fresh look and online approach for an established brand.

Our goal was to produce a distinctive, interactive, and professional website that focuses specifically on e-commerce the sale and delivery of premium quality meat products to its customers.

The main challenge was to develop and project a clean, unique, and contemporary brand message online and to increase brand involvement digitally. The ultimate objective was to increase signups and upsell later to restaurants and hotels.

CDG modernised the website by generating tailor-made imagery using new photography and graphics within the website.

Ultimately, CDG designed a responsive, user-friendly website and e-commerce platform. Each section is clearly defined, and the user journey has been clearly mapped resulting in a best practice performing customer-centric website that positions The Premium Butcher as a market leader. CDG looked closely at common user flows to ensure a user experience that was as seamless and as efficient as possible, created with a modern, elegant and simple interface.

The Premium Butcher’s online presence was implemented with full digital marketing SEO & SMO support in addition to ongoing web maintenance. CDG also produced eye-catching and effective digital advertising design, both static and digital video, ensuring maximum exposure to support its digital marketing plans.


The meat in the sandwich

CDG successfully created a new modern-day online identity and platform that both met and exceeded the objectives and expectations of increasing sales in addition to fostering and improving brand awareness and loyalty.  The Premium Butcher now boasts a digital identity platform design that not only reflects its position as the online market leader and purveyor of high quality meat products but also communicates effectively to both existing and new customers alike.

The bottom line

We think we did a great job in adding to the efficacy and success of an already established brand.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Following the implementation of the new look and identity for Dawn Meats, Dunbia and The Premium Butcher and its online platforms, website traffic increased 300% in the following two year period with a  significantly lower 40% bounce rate. More importantly, online orders grew by over 500% in the 6 months thereafter.

What our client says …  “We wanted to modernise our brand and online offering to reflect The Premium Butcher as the leading meat supplier to homes in Ireland. CDG have a great reputation in the market and that’s really why we chose them. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how well they understood what we were about and trying to achieve, particularly online. Not only do the new identity and website look great but the effect of their work on our online business has been massive.”

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