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Established in 1985 with just 2 members of staff, founder and MD, Michael Burke, then a Veterinary Surgeon, identified the need for a professional, rapid and competitive international veterinary pharma distribution service. Channelle’s ambitious mission was to become the most preferred global provider of high quality, competitively priced pharmaceutical products and to provide excellent services and support to its customers.

Since its launch, the company has grown rapidly to become a leading provider of generic animal health pharmaceuticals internationally. Today, Chanelle Pharma is one of the leading suppliers in the pharmaceutical supplies sector and in Ireland, it is the largest indigenous manufacturer of veterinary and some human generic pharmaceuticals.

Chanelle Pharma holds over 5000 veterinary and human pharmaceutical licences in Europe, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In the EU, it holds the largest number of veterinary licences of any animal health company.

Headquartered in Loughrea, County Galway, Chanelle Pharma now has a market presence in over 90 countries and supplies 10 of the top 12 multinationals in the world with both veterinary and human pharmaceutical products.

In 2018, the company announced an €85 million investment to double manufacturing capacity, launch 96 new products and grew its workforce to 850 people over a period of 5 years. As part of this investment, Chanelle opened a purpose built €10 million manufacturing facility in order to accelerate the company’s expansion into the US market. This new facility received FDA approval in September 2019 and the company launched its first product to the US market in April 2020.

In 2018 Chanelle Pharma won Pharma Company of the Year and Industry Company of Year, the first indigenous Irish company to win such an award.

The design evolution of a successful brand.

As a leader in the pharmaceutical sector, it was important that Chanelle’s identity and digital presence reflected its prominent position as a major play in the industry.

In 2021, CDG had already successfully worked with Chanelle for seven years, developing its brand strategy and identity, also providing a professional online platform to promote the company, products and services.

Chanelle felt that a fine-tuning of its brand and a revamp of its digital presence was vital in order to reflect its rapid growth and diversification within the pharmaceutical industry. CDG was seen as the natural choice in the continuing development of its digital presence.

Using elements of its Innovideate Brand Strategy model, CDG honed a more reflective identity with a move from the existing Channelle Group to the new Channelle Pharma, mirroring its currents position as a major international pharmaceutical supplier. Knowing your customer’s journey and personality helps to successfully guide the design process and ultimately produce the right brand identity.

With the brand strategy clearly defined, CDG clearly understood what the brand identity should look like. CDG then created the ideal brand visual using strong colour choices to reflect the strength and pedigree of the brand. A strong and contemporary typeface combined with a streamlined design complements the brand ethos and colour palette.

A pet project yielding major benefits.

Channelle had already introduced a separate site dedicated to the sales of its vast range of veterinary products – Chanellepet. However, limitations were evident in only being able to view the flipchart product catalogue – modern trends dictated that an e-commerce function was necessary in order to maximise the sales of these products.

The new site also needed a powerful categorisation mechanism that could optimise a complex product catalogue. Our solution rested with producing responsive, reusable design components which maximise the user experience – product identification, selection, purchase and shipping.

The objective of implementing a central e-commerce framework categorising over 5,000 products was a particularly complex task as it also had to incorporate an effective and user-friendly ordering system for its veterinary and pet retailers. It was essential that the search and purchasing procedure was simple and would seamlessly direct them to relevant products.

Design innovation producing tangible financial benefits

The new Chanellepet e-commerce platform website will generate significant financial benefits by making the existing 3,000-5,000 hard copy catalogues – printed and posted to customers twice a year – obsolete. Moving forward, Chanelle will make huge savings in their print costs with the added advantage that any product updates and new product introductions can be made easily.

CDG’s current work with Chanelle demonstrates how design innovation will revolutionise how they work in the future. Our Innovideate brand strategy process has allowed us to gain simple insights into its brand that will help them to grow further and prosper. 

We currently mnage six of Chanelle’s core and ancillary product websites on a dedicated server and manage all of their online platforms on-going basis through a comprehensive SLA (Service Level Agreement).

CDG has forged a productive and successful long term relationship with Channelle Pharma and we are pleased that our ongoing work is an integral part of its success story.

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