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Client: Chanelle Pet

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Growth and Expansion.

Since its launch in 1995, Chanelle Pharma has grown rapidly to become a leading provider of generic animal health pharmaceuticals internationally. Today, it is one of the leading suppliers in the pharmaceutical supplies sector. In Ireland, it is the largest indigenous manufacturer and distributor of veterinary and many human generic pharmaceuticals.

With its headquarters in Loughrea, County Galway, Chanelle Pharma boasts a market presence in over 90 countries and supplies 10 of the top 12 multinationals in the world with both veterinary and human pharmaceutical products.

Chanelle had already introduced Chanellepet, a separate website dedicated to the sales of its vast range of veterinary and pet products. However, user limitations were evident in the cumbersome product catalogue presentation, making product identification and selection a laborious process. An efficient, properly functioning and easy to use e-commerce platform was seen as vital in order to maximise the sales of Chanellepet’s vast product range of over 2,500 veterinary and pet health, food and accessory products.

CDG had already successfully worked with Chanelle for several years, developing its brand strategy and digital platform while also developing and delivering professional online websites to promote the company, its products and services.

A New Pet Project.

The existing Chanellepet site was seen as outdated with limitations evident in customers only being able to view the product catalogue in a flipchart style. Modern buying trends dictated that a properly functioning e-commerce platform was necessary in order to maximise the sales of its products.

The new site also required a powerful categorisation mechanism in order to simplify a complex product catalogue making product selections and purchase decisions a seamless and stress-free exercise.

Inventive Design yielding real Financial Benefits.

The challenge for CDG was twofold:

  • To develop and implement responsive, reusable design components which maximise the user experience in terms of easy product identification, selection, purchase and shipping.

  • To design and develop a stand-alone website that clearly positioned Chanellepet as a leading distributor and supplier of veterinary and pet products.

Having carried out a thorough analysis of its existing Chanellepet website, CDG set about developing a framework and figma prototypes to create an improved user experience.

The framework design and implementation of an shopping cart framework categorising over 2.500 products was a particularly complex task as it also had to incorporate an effective and user-friendly ordering system for both its veterinary practitioners and pet retailers. It was imperative that the user search and purchasing procedure were clear and would seamlessly direct users to the relevant products.

The structure and design of the new e-commerce framework and multi-product categorisation also had to incorporate an effective and user-friendly ordering system for both its veterinary practitioners and pet retailers. It was imperative therefore that the user search and purchasing procedure was simple and would seamlessly direct users to the relevant products.

In creating a modern and catalogue orientated website, it was important that the design and layout reflected the objective of not only making the purchase process simpler, but that important information on the range of brands supplied and relevant sales contact information were clear and easy to find.

CDG utilised a simple but strong colour palette and look. By implementing crystal clear user navigation and easily identifiable product categories, we incorporated product photography into more visually appealing graphic templates to create a concise, focused and easy to use site.

A platform for further growth.

The introduction of the new Chanellepet website and e-commerce platform has already generate significant financial savings by making obsolete the production of nearly 5,000 hard copy catalogues – printed and posted to customers yearly. In addition to making significant financial savings in printing costs, any product updates and new product introductions required can now be easily updated on the site itself.

CDG’s work with Chanelle demonstrates how innovative design and development can transform how Chanelle works successfully in the future. Using our own Innovideate brand strategy process, we have gained important insights into its brands, helping it to continue to further grow and thrive. 

We also manage six of Chanelle’s core and ancillary product websites on a dedicated server and administer all of its online platforms on an ongoing basis. Having nurtured a productive and successful long term relationship with Chanelle Pharma, we are delighted that our ongoing brand and design input has been integral part of its success story.

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