Driven Goals
April 3, 2014
Every Business Has A Brand Profile

Brand with touch points with a better brand profile
Brand Recognition: Know something about it.
Brand preference: Prefer a particular, but will buy another if not available.
Brand Insistence: positively want one brand and one brand only.

Many people confuse the word brand ‘your brand is more than a name or logo’
Companies brand profiles create the experience with its employees, communities, public relations, and customers.

Here is a preview of the work the team at CDG do to get a successful brand image off the ground.

We know that all businesses have a brand image, so getting to know the business inside out is crucial to a successful outcome.
We get answers to questions like, ‘what is the purpose of the brand?’
‘How are we going to calculate the business reach?’
We get to know the core parts of a business that have to run to make a business function, when we have this information we start setting defining goals the better the information we collect the more ideas we have going forward.

Sketching out ideas on paper takes the development and direction of the project forward, the storyboard allows us to plan ahead and gives us a sequence of images in order to preview the look and feel of the material, as we progress with the storyboard, our ideas start to take. The storyboard shows a series that we share with our team and establish the design of the brand for our client to approve.
A brand built around values. Characteristics and values represent what a business or product stands for.

At CDG, we bring your company closer to your customers.
Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.


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