Driven Goals

The Fitzpatrick Hotel Group awarded CDG the contract to rebrand and improve the marketing experience of the Morgan and Beacon Hotels in Dublin.

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About The Client

The Fitzpatrick Hotel Group is a privately owned group of boutique hotels in Dublin, Ireland and New York USA, still ran by the same family who started the business in Ireland over 30 years ago. Paul Fitzpatrick, owner of The Morgan and The Beacon Hotels, offer a very unique boutique hotel experience right in the heart of Dublin City centre.

The Challenge

While established for some years the new marketing team needed to develop strength in their brand identity and delivery mechanism. Consistency and clarity of what the brand offers is very important to keep focus on your target market. The challenge was to streamline all their print material and online material to a set of standards and insure everyone producing any marketing literature would have at hand a set of brand guidelines and structure to work with.

The Solution

Quite simply a set of Brand Guidelines for The Morgan and The Beacon showing where, how and when to use the Brand Identity. Having a manual to refer to was the brief; CDG implemented this by delivering the necessary tools, yet went beyond this by deploying a Digital Brand Strategy that would develop the brand culture within the organisation. The brand strategy and guidelines were completed for all hotels owned by Paul Fitzpatrick. Additionally a set of PowerPoint presentations incorporating video, music and imagery were produced to help the Sales and Marketing team acquire more corporate and leisure business.

Services Provided

  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Guidelines