Driven Goals

About The Client

ENBIO’s fundamental focus is the development and commercialisation of its patented surface enhancing technologies, offering two routes to engage with clients: Turnkey production of CoBlast Skins to meet client needs & Licensing of ENBIO technology OR of collaboratively developed proprietary technology. One Step Metal Transformation.

The Challenge

Enbio had many challenges facing them, from their naming culture, right through to protecting their patents and how that reflected with their brand identity. With an International appeal and a variety of target audiences it would be difficult to please everyone. Enbio helps change the surface of metals so that they last longer, do not corrode, reflect the heat and the sun’s damaging rays and many other fantastic revolutionary attributes. The task for CDG was to take the company onto an International stage digitally, from concept to creation, while appealing to their target audiences across the world.

Our Solution

We started with the exploration of the name and the naming culture used and what the name evokes to potential clients. Once the name was selected and settled on, we developed a strategy for market development of their core service offerings and we tied it into the high tech industry sector that it works with. The brand identity was developed around the concept of particles coming together to form a strong shape. The icon also imbues the connotation of chemical elements forming. Additionally the idea of elements coming together to form one unit embodies the philosophy of the Company’s outlook on serving its market sector. Together with Brand Design, Web Design and clever web development and programming CDG developed a complete new platform for Enbio to launch their highly innovative technology to all potential parties whom can enjoy the benefits of helping their industries and a cleaner safer world to live in.

Services Provided

  • Naming Culture & Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design & Development
  • Digital Imagery
  • Design Animation & production
  • Design Collateral & Print Management
  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Merchandising
  • Brand Management