Driven Goals

CDG was given the chance to re-brand and reinvigorate the brand identity of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport – DTTAS.  All marketing collateral, digital, web brand guides and print work was undertaken in the contract.

About The Client

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport was established in 2011.  It has a key role in delivering highly critical aspects of Ireland’s economic activity including further development of our transport infrastructure and services and the support and enhancement of our significant tourism and sports sectors. The Department’s Statement of Strategy sets out the high-level goals and objectives agreed with the Minister. Since its original establishment during the 16th Dail in 1959, the Department has undergone a total of 10 name changes.

The Challenge

CDG was given the task to design a new icon mark and corporate brand identity along with digital marketing collateral to roll out throughout the department. Our goal was to translate the core values of the department through an icon mark that represents Irish government at its best. Our main challenge was to create a contemporary image that would empathise with their core target audiences while accommodating the department’s main stakeholders, foreign trade and the Irish public. The revitalised Brand Identity would fit with a new website that would be easy to use and visually pleasing while accommodating all the browsers needs.

Our Solution

The DTTAS comprises of three sectors, Transport, Tourism and Sport. Each sector wanted to have a symbol that implied and represented what they do and what they stood for within government. After conducting a strategic brand review, we devised a strategy that would be simple in essence. The goal was to combine imagery of all sectors into one. The strategy was to take an established Irish Icon “The Brian Boru Harp” and contemporise it to represent the department as a holistic entity through the single icon. The Icon would resonate with each department as a symbol of Ireland and Government and yet no exclude its purpose. The icon could represent each sector without compromise. No need for a montage of different icons to deliver the idea of what the department does. One Irish representative Icon would fulfil the brief for all. We chose a modern typeface and distinctive colour palette to drive the brand identity and icon into a new era. Further to this CDG created a Digital Brand Identity book, marketing collateral and brand guidelines to use on the creation and design of a new website for the department. CG brand was delighted to work with Annertech Ltd. a web development company on this prestigious tender.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Collateral
  • Digital Web and Brand Guidelines