Driven Goals

How Design improves websites user experience.

To realise how relevant is the impact of the website usability on our business is necessary to step back and reflect on the nowadays importance of the websites usage by companies. Today websites play an extremely significant role in every business whether it’s large or small. However, studies have shown that 36% of small businesses […]

EirSpiders 2016

CDG are delighted to learn that 2 of our projects for our clients got nominations for Eir Spider Awards 2016. In the business to business category “Enbio”, a surface material company, gets shortlisted alongside Glanbia, while “Monaghan Institute” gets shortlisted in the Elearning & Education sector alongside the Marketing Institute of Ireland. We have fingers […]

8 best objective criteria to assess your UX

“Your website is awful”. Harsh, really harsh comment that you could receive from a user. But, it can shed light on a reality. Take a deep breath, let your blood cool down and ask yourself “How can I improve my website?” There are a lot of efficient methods such as the A/B test or mental mapping to do so. But two […]


IS YOUR WEBSITE MOBILE FRIENDLY?…DO YOU PASS THE GOOGLE RESPONSIVE-WEBSITE TEST? On April 21st Google has updated its search algorithm to reflect the increased amount of online traffic coming from mobile devices, so make sure your website is mobile-friendly or you will lose your ranking for mobile searches. Google search algorithm update will detect any non-responsive website and penalize […]

7 tips for great Google local searches

Establishing a strong web presence is a challenge that every business owner faces. For small businesses in particular, generating local traffic is key. Local customers provide the support that small businesses need to keep going, which makes optimizing your website for local search engine rankings even more important. 1) Good Host Provider Before you start […]