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July 14, 2015
Brands whisperer #4: Apple

Each big brand has its own secrets and keys to success, so as this one ; Huge Corporation that is getting more and more fans all over the world each single day.

Even if you are not an Apple-lover, I bet you have dozens of friends who are. So how has Steve Jobs achieved this worldwide acceptance and so much more; Love of millions of people? What makes the company so special and extraordinary? Well figure it out in our Fourth monthly Brands whisperer.

We found out the main principles, which led Steve Jobs and his to success.

Let start with the basics. The market Steve has chosen was highly competitive already by the time he set up the company. Moreover, he knew he had to develop something that would be different from everything else market could possibly offer. Jony Ive says that Apple has never aimed for earning money; the main goal has always been to develop a PERFECT product. The income always comes second; first of all, they wanted to make their customers happy.

This example of excellent attitude has been proven so many times! Oh my! Steve has even set up a special university ; Apple University and along with leading Harvard professors has developed special courses for raising their own workers in case something happened to Steve himself

We are different
To be different is the main strategy of Apple. They always produced different ads, different phones, and different laptops. Everything was unusual for our world when we saw it first, but then, when you engage with them buying one or two :) of their products, you understand the simplicity of use and you never will give up on them again. I don’t know a single person who changed MacBook over to any other laptop. Apple has always contra posed themselves to all the competitors. There are thousands of articles stating ‘Apple vs PC’, ‘Apple vs Microsoft’. And it’s absolutely right! Not only Apple has created a unique product, it has also pushed their competitors to develop in a completely different direction.

It works!
The main principle of all the products is that you just have to take them out of the box, charge it and it works! You don’t need to install extra programs; you just have to switch it on and Voila! You have everything you need on the machine ready for use.

Attention to details
It was one of the most important decisions Steve Jobs ever made: he has brought Jony Ivy on board and has been spending hours and hours discussing with him how tiny details would look like. Have you ever noticed who holds the mic on the icon inside the music app? It’s actually Bono from U2, who has been a good friend of Steve. There are so many details in Apple products and each one of them took the company hours to be designed. It’s just gives you that amazing feeling of being cared for when you hold one of their gadgets.

Top secret
To keep all the competitors on a distance, Apple has a special department that keeps an eye on each single person working for the company. And even though we would like to know what they are planning to produce next – we can’t even if our relative is working there. It’s a top secret and we will only get a chance to glance at a new product once Apple announces it. No information leaks warms up our curiosity.

Apple Genius Bar
Nowadays, most of the exciting companies coach their staff members for achieving better sales, developing communication skills, building a strong team, etc. However, absolutely nothing (at least I think so) can be compared to Apple strategy. It turned out that not everybody will be hired as an Apple Genius (consultant in the shop :)). You have to pass 14 days of studying and only then, maybe, you’ll be taken on board. Special text books will teach you to understand your client, to feel empathetic towards him and to answer his questions in the best ways possible to make him feel wanted and cared for. During this special course guys learn a lot about human psychology, gestures, face expressions. They absolutely cannot say no; to their customer, instead, there should be the empathy and understanding. You will always feel welcome in Genius Bar. I have tried out to call in a few myself and was absolutely delighted by the way, the guys treated me. You just don’t want to leave the place after having a chat.

Overall, I wanted to show you that successful Apple has never been about the money. The most important components are uniqueness and their main goal to overjoy a customer with new technologies. Unfortunately, not all the companies today can state same tactics, but this is definitely a winner. In CDG, we think similar and our aims are to make our clients happy, showing them excellence in the work we do. We care for each client we have and provide an individual approach in all we do.

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Article written by Paul Mc Cann Founder and President of CDG.

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