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February 12, 2023
Benefits of Brand Design for SMEs and why It’s so Important

Designing a brand for your business is vital as it allows you to control the first impression of your audience and potential customers. Brand design in the modern world is not exclusively for large corporations and enterprises. The widespread use of the internet has allowed even smaller business owners to develop a brand for themselves. In this article, We will discuss how you can get ahead of your competition by developing a brand of your own.

Why Is a Brand so Important for SMEs?

In the intro, we mentioned that brand design allows you to control the first impression of your audience. Now, you might be wondering, “why does that matter?” Well, the answer is simple. Good branding is known to drive sales. Businesses are always in competition, and a successful business uses every opportunity to get ahead. Most SME owners do not focus much on their brand, relying on reputation alone to attract customers. As a result, SMEs with good brand designs can easily stand out from their competitors and capture a large portion of their market share. With the proper brand design, your business can fetch a higher value in the customer’s view, even if you haven’t built up a substantial reputation yet. This is why it is important to work for that desired first impression. But how can you develop a brand design? There’s no doubt that building a brand is no small task. Good brand design requires a lot of effort, but the payoff is absolutely worth it. Here are a few things to remember while developing your brand design.

What Makes Good Brand Design?

Many factors go into developing a good brand, your brand design in particular should be on point. Here are some points that are vital for a good brand design.

1.   Appearance

Your brand’s appearance consists of the colour theme, graphic design, and overall look of your business online. A brand’s appearance plays a major role in its perception. People associate a certain “look” with luxury or quality of service. Your brand’s appearance needs to be consistent, unique, and recognisable.

2.   Communication

Proper communication across social media platforms is key for a brand to build an online presence.Your brand needs to get its message out there. Tell your customers how your business is unique, and how you can help them better than your competitors. All of this has to be conveyed to potential customers to build your presence. A brand without proper communication will struggle to attract new customers, or keep its current customers.

3.   Online presence

Your brand website has the potential to be the most effective sales funnel for your business. A properly set up website can be the best investment you ever make into your business. Here you can combine your brand appearance and communication to invoke the exact emotions you want in your customers. Setting up a good website is a complicated process, but the payoff is more than worth it.

4.   Consistency

Consistency ties in all the aspects of brand design to truly give a brand its character. Consider the presence of a brand across different platforms; if a brand is inconsistent in its appearance or communication, it can come off as immature or unprofessional.

6 Amazing Benefits of Brand Design

1.   Improves credibility

A brand gives you the opportunity to put out a message that you want. Here, you have the opportunity to present yourself as an expert on your business. Clients are much more likely to spend money on a service that is run by experts.

2.   Creates customer loyalty

Brand design plays a major role in maintaining customer loyalty. Your customers find it easier to relate with your marketing If your brand is aligned with their interests and experiences. Customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand that is relatable and aligns with their experiences.

3.   Allows you to target the ideal demographic

A good brand design allows you to target the ideal demographic for your product or service. If your business focuses on providing high-quality products or services, your brand should reflect that in its messaging and

appearance. A customer willing to pay higher prices for the best service will be attracted to the brand that promises to deliver the best services. A brand that just emphasises its lower cost will not be able to attract such a customer.

4.   Ability to expand

An established brand needs little introduction; its customers are already aware of the quality that the brand provides. This allows established brands to launch new products and services without having to dedicate resources to convince customers of their quality.

5.   Improves recognition

Brand design makes your business more recognizable. Businesses with attractive logos and styles are much more memorable to consumers. Additionally, a memorable brand design makes it easier for your business to convert potential customers down the line if they are unsure about purchasing your product at first glance. Building recognition for a business is no easy task. It requires a lot of effort and time. In addition, a business without good brand design can easily lose its popularity without constant marketing.

6.   Improves employee experience

Employees working under a brand feel more accomplished as they are able to recognize the brand’s message. Good brand design lets your employees feel like a part of something big; your brand should make your employees feel like they are a part of a larger picture instead of just fulfilling a role for a business.


Recognizing the importance of brand design is crucial to expand your business. Putting effort into developing a good brand design is the best investment that you can make in your business. A great brand design can significantly cut down your marketing costs and improve your business position in the customer’s eyes. At CDG we have had the privilege to build great brands for our clients. We create iconic brand identities for our clients that make a great impact on their businesses. If you are interested in developing an attractive brand for your business, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page.



To realise how relevant is the impact of the website usability on our business is necessary to step back and reflect on the nowadays importance of the websites usage by companies. Today websites play an extremely significant role in every business whether it’s large or small. However, studies have shown that 36% of small businesses haven’t a website.

If you’re part of those not yet convinced that even small business need a website, some studies have been conducted to better understand how customers interact with companies and their products/services. Researches have shown that between 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting the small business or making a purchase with them.

Besides, studies from Stanford discovered that 75% of users, admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on its website.