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October 25, 2015
Brand’s whisperer 5: Facebook and Branding

Everybody knows what is and it is very likely that you use this website. Facebook is a social networking website that allows you to connect to millions of people from all around the world. People are using this network instead of actually going out to meet their friends. The question is though what the history of Facebook is: here is the brand’s whisperer.

Originally Facebook had a predecessor called Facemash. This was a website created by Mark Zuckerberg whilst he was attending Harvard University. This website was similar to the already popular Hot or Not website which had users decide what was hot and what was not when comparing two items. Facemash got 2 pictures of students at Harvard and then let users decide which one was more attractive. Zuckerberg said that some farm animals were more attractive than some of the pictures of the students and that is why he created it. To get the photos for Facemash he hacked into Harvard’s security network and got the student ids photos and placed the on the website, he then let students rate other students across the 9 dormitories. Within the first 4 hours of the website being launched it had 450 visitors with 22,000 photo views. He later added other information to the people on the website with the names of the students and other information which was available to the users. It was because of this that Zuckerberg faced charges of breach of security, breach of copyright and violating individual privacy but these charges were eventually dropped.

In January 2004 Zuckerberg began writing the code for his new website, The website was launched in February that year and straight away it proved extremely popular. 24 hours after the website was launched 1500 people had signed up to website and many more carried on this trend. 6 days after the website was launched Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra all seniors at Harvard said that Zuckerberg mislead them by saying he was going to create the but when in fact he was going to create his own website. To hide that fact that he was going to use The Facebook to connect Harvard students he said he was using it to link Crimson readers. The Crimson was a Harvard magazine but this led to him having to pay out £42 Million in settlements in 2008 to the three.

At the beginning registrations were limited to Harvard students only but as the website grew it opened to other universities like Yale, Stanford and Colombo. As the site grew Zuckerberg took on staff to help further design and maintain the website. Eventually the website reached most colleges and schools across the USA and Canada. In the summer of 2004 the entrepreneur Sean Parker who had been financing Facebook became the company’s president as the company became limited. Then in June 2004 the website moved from its base to Palo Alto, California. Then in 2005 the company y dropped ‘the’ from its name and then became known as Facebook. This meant they had to buy the domain called Facebook and this cost $200,000.From then on Facebook grew to universities all over the world and after a while it opened registrations to everyone. Growth took off for the website with thousands of people joining every day.

On the other hand many people are afraid to use social networks for one reason: PRIVACY. That single word keeps them from joining and enjoying a whole new world. Facebook seems to be especially hard-hit by privacy concerns. This site changes its privacy policies so often, its difficult to stay up to date. Many people are anxious about their ability to effectively manage privacy settings-the controls determining who can see your personal information. In response, the social networking site strengthened and simplified its privacy protections for users. Today, it’s fairly safe to visit and establish a presence on Digital Branding. The trick is to recognise that this is a public forum, which will help you know what to write and what to leave out.

Facebook received financing from many different sources but originally financing came from friends and Zuckerberg himself. But as time went on Facebook began selling shares to raise money for the business. In March 2006 after rival social network MySpace was sold to Newscorp rumours surfaced of Facebook being sold to a bigger media company. News later came out that Facebook had rejected a bid of $750,000,000 from a unknown bidder as they were apparently holding out for $2 Billion. In June 2010 the total stock and price of them for Facebook valued the company at $11.5 Billion making it the most valuable website in the world, thanks to Digital Branding.

Frequent telephone businesses have already picked up this trend. Calls more than the net (Voice over IP) is much less expensive and in many circumstances even free. But numerous buyers who regularly call overseas to acquire considerably benefit from this application. A major player within this marketplace Skype. Skype was recently acquired by Microsoft and now follows a far more natural integration with Facebook. So you’ll have access to Facebook from Skype with out getting to log in once again. I still anticipate a much more integrated and this can bring about Skype to get a huge enhance in users.

Brand strategy
Facebook and on-line music

Music given that the dawn from the Net an integral portion. Of the illegal downloads towards the discoveries of YouTube stars. Music is created, heard and shared, and certainly on Facebook. For the user also wants to comply with this, Facebook is preparing to conduct interviews with several companies that supply such on the web music Spotify. That music is very important to Facebook users is clearly observed in the fan pages, exactly where 46 in the leading 100 music-related pages.


Companies that want their services making use of Facebook offer you is just not surprising. The big number of customers and visibility when utilising an application creates a domino impact where each Facebook as well as the relevant firm benefit. Look at FarmVille as well as other applications by means of Facebook have grow to be a huge results owing to their Brand development.

With a base platform, I mean what software program is being developed. The analysis is also very short-sighted simply because my other article more than 20 pages would include and that is certainly not the intention. My point is not just Facebook that “grows” and “fast” but that they develop and differentiate from other Google as it did within the early years from the Internet.


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